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News Updates (February 5, 2009)

RM Interchange … Thomson Reuters launched RM Interchange, a new instant messaging hub to support interoperability between vendor products. “RM Interchange is the world’s first global instant messaging hub which connects users of Cisco’s Jabber XCP, IBM’s Same Time, Microsoft’s LCS/OCS and Thomson Reuters’ RM – both easily and cost effectively.More

Microsoft OCS 2007 Release 2 … Microsoft released an updated edition of Office Communications Server 2007. “Today’s release caps a year of growth and momentum for Office Communication Server, during which time it has continued to change the face of business communications by integrating audio, Web and video conferencing, instant messaging and e-mail into a seamless collaborative platform configured around the way people work. In today’s economy, businesses around the world are turning to Office Communications Server to improve productivity, cut costs and deliver the benefits of unified communications to their people.” Among other things, there are new collaboration capabilities, such as persistent instant messaging and desktop sharing. More

GroupSwim Webinar … GroupSwim is hosting a webinar on February 18 looking at improving the performance of technical teams through social collaboration tools. “Jari Koister, Chief Technology Officer for GroupSwim, will join us to discuss how using social collaboration tools and techniques has measurably improved the performance of his distributed engineering teams. During the session, we will discuss the specific activities and processes that Jari has implemented to change how GroupSwim engineers its products. Traditional engineering tools focus on the software development process. There is a large gap in most of these tools; they do a poor job managing requirements gathering, design decisions and asking questions/providing answers.” Registration required. More

Effective Online Meetings … Stu provides examples of how he keeps focused during online meetings. “So in order to maintain attention I have to take some basic measures (which are actually more difficult than they sound): Audio calls: I walk around! Carry a notepad and pencil and literally stretch my legs (sometimes outdoors) but generally round the house when working from home. I really find it helps maintain concentration – but more importantly takes me away from distraction! Web meetings: I have to force myself not to get into IM’s, read emails, tinker with my action lists or write that report I need to finish. Its really hard – I know I’m not the only one who finds it hard. In summary my survival technique is to avoid all calls with limited relevance and for those where I have limited input either pre-arrange a subset of the call to attend OR really concentrate on avoiding distraction.More

Joel on SharePoint Jobs … Joel talks about 10 ways to find a SharePoint job. “The MS news was depressing add that to everyone else that’s laying off and there are a few people looking for work. I posted a while ago how SharePoint is recession proof. Phil shares his comments on SharePoint and the Economy. I don’t want it to get anyone down, but there are some social ways of getting SharePoint jobs.More

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