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News Updates (January 21, 2009)

BlueTie for Mac … BlueTie added Apple Safari support to its messaging and collaboration service. “BlueTie Collaboration is a business-class suite of applications including email with virus and spam protection, shared contacts, calendars, and files, instant messaging, and mobile access. BlueTie is designed to make it easier for businesses to communicate more effectively, and work together more efficiently. BlueTie is already accessible via the world’s most popular Web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape. Adding Safari to the list provides businesses that run on Macintosh, or businesses that have mixed environments to benefit from the BlueTie service.More

Mainsoft Integrator Preview … Mainsoft previewed the SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes 8.5 at Lotusphere. “The latest release of Mainsoft’s client-side plug-in for Lotus Notes supports the integration of custom IBM Lotus Domino and Java applications with SharePoint document libraries as business mashups that run on the Lotus Notes 8.5 desktop. The product also introduces support for federating SharePoint team appointments into the Notes calendar enabling business users to overlay their personal and team calendars.More

EditLive for Quickr … Ephox announced the integration of its online content authoring tool with Lotus Quickr, providing a Word-like interface for editing content. More

Open Text Recruiting Management for SharePoint … Open Text released a SharePoint 2007 application for managing the recruitment process. “Recruiting processes in any organization can be complex, involving numerous approvals, collaboration with many departments, interactions with multiple HR systems and many pieces of content such as resumes, credentials, certificates, application forms, etc. To help today’s organizations manage the inherent complexities of the corporate hiring process, Open Text Recruiting Management for Microsoft SharePoint offers a collaborative, flexible case management application that brings simplicity, efficiency and automation to the recruiting process.” Available immediately. More

PTC WindChill ProductPoint … PTC released WindChill ProductPoint, a collaboration space for product development. “Windchill ProductPoint represents the combination of the Microsoft SharePoint social computing platform with PTC’s expertise in product development, essentially making social product development an easily accessible reality. In that vein, Windchill ProductPoint helps teams to connect to each other in a variety of ways including: instant access to colleagues via presence detection, personalization of workspaces to organize relevant content, and the sharing of rich product information throughout the company and with their customers.” Available immediately. More

Genius Updates … Genius Inside released new editions of its hosted collaboration software. “Genius Project Version 2.0 and Genius Project4Domino Version 6.0, new versions that include a number of valuable improvements. Heading the list of new capabilities are an invoicing module that speeds calculation and creation of invoices, and enhanced portfolio tools that let managers build and analyze their project portfolios according to up to four hierarchical levels.” There were a range of other enhancements too. Available immediately. More

More on Lotusphere 2009
– Ovum says that 2009 is about an alchemy of integration, vs 2008 when Lotusphere was an “anarchy of innovation”.

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