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Two Reviews of Seamless Teamwork to Kick Off 2009!

A couple of people have posted new reviews of Seamless Teamwork to kick off the new year.

Writing on the Seamless Teamwork page on Amazon.com, Sean Earp writes:

This book is everything that I hoped SharePoint for Project Management: How to Create a Project Management Information System (PMIS) with SharePoint would be. While “SharePoint for Project Management” is rather simplistic and aimed at someone who has never used SharePoint before, Seamless Teamwork really has some great ideas on how to use SharePoint to collaborate on projects. Even while going deep into the capabilities of SharePoint, the book and recommendations are very readable and easy to follow. Beyond even the amazing capabilities of SharePoint, the author discusses considerations for virtual teams, working offline, and how to convince teams to work on SharePoint instead of falling back on e-mail. I have been using SharePoint heavily for the last year and still got some great ideas on ways I could use SharePoint to better manage ongoing projects. This book is HIGHLY recommended for anyone that uses SharePoint to collaborate on projects.

And in the most extensive and considered review I’ve seen to date, Isaac Garcia from Central Desktop writes:

Michael’s emphasis on team collaboration shines through in his recent book titled, “Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways.” From personal conversations, I knew that Michael was working on this book and I’ve been anticipating it for some time – in spite of its emphasis on a competitive product to my Company. Over the holidays, while in the local Southern California mountains with my family – in between snowmans with the children and whisky shots with the adults, I devoured the book – below is my analysis and review.

[Disclosure: I’m shamelessly and proudly biased in writing this review. Not only is Michael Sampson a friend – but I own and operate a collaboration software company (Central Desktop) that markets itself as a SharePoint Alternative.]

To begin with, this is a must-read book for anyone seeking how-to advice, clear direction and best practices for implementing a team-based or project-based collaboration solution within an enterprise or organization. This is a fantastic book for project-leads who have struggled with motivating their team and creating a clearly defined path to successful seamless teamwork.

Thanks Sean! Thanks Isaac!