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Seamless Teamwork … Chapter 12

I have just posted the final edition of Chapter 12 of Seamless Teamwork. The chapter introduces the concepts of stewardship, sustainable information design, and issues surrounding managing content over time with respect to SharePoint. It is co-authored with Grant Margison of Information Leadership.

Chapter 12 includes the following sections:
– Beyond Seamless Teamwork
– Stewardship: Balancing Control and Flexibility
– Sustainable Information Design
– Managing Content Over Time

Why Co-Authored with Grant Margison?
When the manuscript for Seamless Teamwork was almost complete, Grant Margison of Information Leadership offered to read it and provide feedback. One of the comments he made was that it needed a “Chapter 12”, to talk about the wider issues when using SharePoint for team collaboration in the enterprise. My expertise, interest and consulting focuses on supporting business teams to be effective with online collaboration using SharePoint and other products. Grant’s expertise, interest and consulting focuses on stewardship, information design, and managing content over time. And so it made incredible sense to make this chapter a collaborative endeavour—combining what I’m good at with what Grant’s good at—and ultimately leading to a chapter that is of higher quality for readers of Seamless Teamwork.

My thanks to Grant for working with me on this chapter.