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Your Two Visions: Qualified and Quantified – Chief Learning Officer Network

Jason talks about breaking down your big visions for the new year into smaller chunks … to increase the odds you’ll get there.

“In sports training, this kind of planning addresses the ‘workout/recovery’ plan that is required for growth. In the business world, this kind of a plan acknowledges that there will be up times…and some down times. A yearly plan may sound productive, but unless you have broken it down into weekly commitments of action and time, it may continue to elude you as a ‘future goal.’

Although it is not always possible for you to predict exactly which weeks during a year will be up or down, you can ‘flash-forward’ to anticipate what will work best for you. You do this when you think ahead and ask yourself, ‘What will my work and my life look like in one to two months?’ As soon as you ask that question, your mind will begin thinking and planning, giving you different kinds of answers.

In doing this flash-forward activity, you can then identify the tentative blocks of time you want to use and objectify the results you are going to pursue. Before too much time goes by, spend some time considering how this kind of periodization will benefit your work…and your life.”


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