Industry Updates

SharePoint and Web Governance

Kristina found evidence of a well-managed SharePoint implementation at a major financial institution:

“I have been thinking about Web governance and SharePoint this past week. For the first time in my career, I saw a well-managed SharePoint implementation with ample (read several hundred), well-structured sites. The implementation was easy to maintain I heard, all sites had consistent and good navigation (gauged by usability studies), and the naming convention was phenomenal as well.

For years now I have seen and heard clients indicating their SharePoint sites are out of control. The worst offender I have seen is a client with over 500 SharePoint sites. Each one contained a small population of documents, all were hard to navigate, and the majority were password protected with access granted to a lucky few employees who could plead association with the division sponsoring the site. Doesn’t sound scary yet? I didn’t mention the client is a major player in the financial sector and subject to SOX regulations.”

The keys she talks about include:

– defining the ultimate purpose of SharePoint

– the driver for setting up a new site

– creating policies and standards for navigation and naming

– top-down enforcement of compliance