Industry Updates v2.1

Cynapse released version 2.1 of, its collaboration service. Lots of new features, including “Main space”, for permission-free collaboration within a group, contextual discussions, microblogging, and a revised user interface, among others.

“Spaces have been the pivotal aspect of Spaces help a group of users to create a secure work area within their site and allocate explicit permissions to select users within it. Spaces are vital to most large companies with diverse teams. However, a substantial number of our customers & users felt the need for a simplified central collaboration area, that is accessible to every user of the This gave birth to the concept of the Main space. This is where All users of your site can create or edit any content, without worrying about permissions or sharing rights. This makes the main space the best place for free form collaboration, and its no more necessary to create a bunch of spaces before new users start using Spaces should only be created when there is a need for security isolation.”


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