Industry Updates

Martin White on SharePoint 2007 in 2009

Martin shares some observations about SharePoint 2007 activity, and sounds the warning bell for some customers:

“At one meeting recently the European intranet manager of a $11billion company with one of the most widely recognised brands in the world said to me that they were looking forward to their MOSS07 global implementation next year as it would solve all their technical problems in one go. I asked if they had been involved in a requirements-gathering exercise, but was told that the IT people were totally confident that MOSS07 would meet every requirement so there was no need to carry out an formal study.

I’ve spent a lot of time and effort over the last year trying to make sure that I knew enough about SharePoint to be of assistance to my clients. All the evidence I have suggests that MOSS07 can be an excellent departmental/small business solution but that large scale deployments on a global basis carry a very high degree of risk.”