Smub, for Link Sharing

Janet points to Smub, a new service for sharing links between people.

I spend a lot of time online, and am not afraid to download widgets or tools or ’stuff’ to enhance my own online experience. Mostly I download tools that save me time and energy.

I started working for a company last month that has just launched a cool little tool that has really changed the way I think of saving time and energy. Suddenly I can share my work and the savings more easily with others.

Let’s say I’m going to Poppy in Seattle for lunch this weekend. I’ve never been there before, so I head over to Google Maps, where I can see a street by street view of how to get there. It gives me a lovely URL that I can share with others:

Uh huh. I can type in front of that behemoth and save it under a memorable, share-able name…


0 thoughts on “Smub, for Link Sharing

  1. HI Michael,
    One of the even cooler things is (from a collaboration perspective) if you download the optional toolbar, you can easily go to Smubs that others have created, simply by typing their username (Janet) into the toolbar once (it’ll keep it in memory) and then type only their “personal” descriptor (poppy) and it’ll take you right there. It’s like shortening the shortcuts.
    Check out It’ll show better than I can tell. Thanks for the post, always nice to see you!

  2. Michael, I’ve had some folks tell me they couldn’t get the Smub (above) to work because my link picked up the period in the sentence. In case your readers haven’t been able to get there, try this: http://smub/janet/shorten without a period.
    Hope you’re enjoying your week. I’ll bet you’re busy these days! Lots of SharePoint interest here in the states anyway, for building online communities. Bummer it doesn’t work as well for folks using FireFox and for those who are working with IE…

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