New David Allen Coordinators and Calendars

The David Allen Company introduced a new line of paper-based coordinators and calendars. There’s a great line from David on the “Managing Actions and Projects” (pre-“GTD”) tape series from the mid 1990s about “paper planners for selling to yuppies”.

Made by Meade, the same folks that make the At-a-Glance products, these new additions to the David Allen Company Store were designed specifically for those of us that practice GTD.

Both coordinators feature helpful tabbed sections that can have a profound effect on your productivity and peace of mind. Each section is prefaced with an educational piece with examples to show the user best GTD practices in that area of the coordinator. The action tab for instance, has eight pages of text to accompany that area, included in the reference tabbed section are the GTD Templates in paper form! There is an intelligent “flow” in how the sections function and work together.


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