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Analysis of Microsoft Online Services (ComputerWorld)

ComputerWorld looks at the new Microsoft Online Services offering, particularly the Exchange Server hosting part.

Hosted in Microsoft’s global network of data centers and sold directly by the software giant and 1,500 partners, Exchange Online is the most clear-cut example of Microsoft’s Software+Services’ strategy, which it hopes will help it gently steer its 200 million customers off-premise into the cloud while keeping interlopers such as Google Inc.’s Gmail or a revitalized Lotus Notes at bay.

But Microsoft hasn’t fully answered questions about how Exchange Online won’t hurt its loyal army of partners, nor how the service can overcome some of its limitations and aid the war against IBM’s Lotus Notes.

“Microsoft may in fact succeed with Exchange Online,” said analyst David Ferris of Ferris Research. “But they have aggressively rolled out similar offerings in the past that have failed.”

The question looms: How will Microsoft avoid stepping on the partners who blazed the hosted Exchange trail?


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