EMC Forms Decho, for Personal Information Management

EMC combined Mozy and Pi into a new firm, called Decho, to help individuals manage their growing volumes of digital information.

The personal information once stored in albums, boxes and filing cabinets-such as financial records, personal documents, family photos and videos, portfolios of professional work, and correspondence-comprises each person’s digital echo. This information is increasingly scattered across different computers, digital devices and web sites. The quantity of personal digital information produced every year around the world is now measured in the hundreds of billions of gigabytes and is expected to continue to grow annually by almost 60 percent, according to analysts. Moreover, the lifespan of this information is beginning to be measured in decades, and it is ever more valuable and often irreplaceable.

The shift of personal information from physical to digital has not yet been accompanied by a parallel shift in the way this information is organized and preserved in digital form. Decho will help individuals take full control of their digital echo through a set of cloud-based services that will enable easy and full utilization, organization and enrichment of important personal information.


0 thoughts on “EMC Forms Decho, for Personal Information Management

  1. Thanks for the pointer. Interesting to see this corporate player also address personal information management. This could be a could to big success. I’ve always wondered why EMC and other enterprise CM vendors didn’t address the personal space adequately.

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