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WWPYCBW: Technology (November 7, 2008)

BlackBerry Bold Review … Jim reviews his BlackBerry Bold; he says it's a "game changer". More

DoingText … DoingText released its online authoring service. "The idea behind DoingText is simple: you launch a new discussion by pasting a chunk of text to their site. From there, you get a dedicated editing window that lets you make changes. The editing window understands the Textile markup language, so adding things like bold and italic and hyperlinks is simple. With the discussion you also get a URL that you can share with anyone. You can make the URL password-protected if you want. Anyone with the URL (and password, if necessary) can edit the text too: the system tracks revisions, and allows for comments and color-highlighting. " More

Elguji Free Evaluations … Elguji Software announced the availability of 30-day free trials of IdeaJam (brainstorming and idea ranking) and LinkJam (social bookmarking). More

IBM Symphony Beyond Windows … IBM announced that it will extend the Lotus Symphony office suite to Mac and Ubuntu Linux platforms, and that in 2009 it embrace the OpenOffice 3.0 code base. "Mac OS X support is among the top requests made by the members of the Symphony community. The IBM Symphony development team worked to ensure that Symphony not only works on Mac OS X but is tuned to take advantage of the Aqua GUI theme, with the originality and simplicity Mac customers have enjoyed. Initially available in English, Symphony for Mac OS X will get global language support as it progresses out of beta to general availability." More. Bruce has screen shots of the Mac edition.

Intranets Sharing … The Intranet Benchmarking Forum ran a live seminar earlier in the week, and Dorje live blogged what he heard. Various organizations talked about their intranets and current issues. More

Logitech Takes SightSpeed … Logitech announced that it acquired SightSpeed for $30 million in cash. SightSpeed offers a video conferencing software and service. More

OneNote in the Cloud … The next edition of OneNote will support full synchronization between a local computer and a cloud based replica. More

Oracle Takes Tacit Software … Oracle acquired the intellectual property assets of Tacit Software, saying that it will use its technology in the new Oracle Beehive collaboration platform. More, More (2)

SharePoint Go-Forward … InformationWeek considers the success of SharePoint in the market, and highlights some of the challenges, eg, alignment with the business case, training requirements, and more. More

Windows 7 Multi-Touch? … Mary asks whether the world's PC users really want to touch their computer screens for navigation and input, rather than using a mouse. "I don’t buy the argument some make that because multi-touch is well-suited for phones, it automatically makes sense on PCs, too. Maybe multi-touch makes more sense if you are using a small-screen netbook or ultra-mobile PC (if that class of machines still exists out there), but on a regular, full-size laptop/desktop? I just don’t see it." More

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