Cisco Acquired Jabber, Inc.

Cisco Systems announced on Friday a definitive agreement to acquire Jabber, Inc., the commercial entity that offers enterprise instant messaging and presence capabilities. Jabber, Inc. has been around for a long while (from 2000), and to my mind it had receded from view, even though it offered great technology–for instant messaging and presence yes, but more than that, for real-time information delivery.

This acquisition continues a strong move by Cisco to be a force de jour in the enterprise collaboration space. It has a lot covered … telepresence, email and calendaring (with its very recent PostPath acquisition), collaborative workspaces (via what was, Web conferencing (via WebEx), and more.

I see two main next actions for Cisco. First is tight integration across its various collaboration offerings to give end users a seamless experience. Eg, there are calendaring capabilities across some of its pieces; tight integration for calendar roll-up and free-busy would be good.

Second is the purchase of an enterprise wiki vendor … Socialtext or Traction Software perhaps? Although Cisco has the traditional bases covered, it is missing a wiki platform.

Microsoft and Lotus have been the two incumbents to beat in the enterprise market. Cisco is shaping up to be a formidable competitor–it already has strong relationships with enterprise IT, so it does not have to come to the table and establish its reputation.

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0 thoughts on “Cisco Acquired Jabber, Inc.

  1. Cisco is up to something – but loud rumors on the street continues to be that Cisco is struggling to swallow its Webex acquisition. There is particular and inherent conflict between Cisco’s Channel Strategy versus WebEx’s Direct Strategy. Thus, stalling any kind of “quick” momentum from any of its new acquisitions.
    Yes – I write this with a bit of glee as this gives smaller vendors like Central Desktop an opportunity to stake our claim in the market.
    That being said – sure – Cisco will eventually figure it out.

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