Industry Updates

WWPYCBW: Technology (September 19, 2008)

Xythos is hosting a webinar on document scanning for business content management, on September 30.

Trampoline Systems launched SONAR Flightdeck 1.0, an enterprise social networking tool focused on expertise and relationship identification.

Microsoft Windows 7 is shaping up, and it makes use of the Office 2007 ribbon user interface. Ship date … 2009?

CallWave announced FUZE, a web conferencing product that includes full support for small form factor mobile devices, eg, iPhone and Windows Mobile. See FUZE Meeting.

A range of new subnotebooks are coming, including ones from HP and Acer.

The Podcasting Kit for SharePoint is a Codeplex add-on for SharePoint that supports podcasting and video delivery within SharePoint.

OptimusBT is hosting a webinar about migrating Notes applications to SharePoint. It’s on September 25.

Hosting of Lotus Notes by IBM is coming.

Michael from Socialtext writes about firms making a wiki the basis of their Intranet. The intranet is becoming a place for collaboration.

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