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WWPYCBW: Technology (August 28, 2008)

TaskSync 2.5 for Outlook and SharePoint
MicroLink released Version 2.5 of TaskSync, an Outlook 2003/2007 tool for synchronizing lists with SharePoint. “TaskSync 2.5 automatically synchronizes tasks, contacts, and events between Outlook 2003/2007 and subscribed MOSS/WSS lists, thus improving task management processes. For the public sector, TaskSync 2.5 supports authentication using Digital Certificates or Common Access Cards.” Available immediately. See MicroLink.

NewsGator Webinar on SharePoint
NewsGator is hosting a webinar on delivering a Facebook-like experience with SharePoint, on September 11. “Are you looking to enrich your MOSS portal with enhanced social computing capabilities? Are employees using unsecured consumer web applications, such as Facebook, Delicious and Digg, for business purposes? Are geographic and business function silos causing roadblocks for internal collaboration? Is managing numerous Web 2.0 technologies (RSS, wikis and blogs) an information integration and aggregation nightmare? If you are dealing with any of these problems you’ll want to know how your company can leverage the full business benefits of social computing and your investment in MOSS and Web 2.0 technologies.” Registration required.

Nortel web.alive
Nortel took the wraps off web.alive, new virtual world software for business collaboration and e-commerce. “Web.alive is being built by a team within Nortel and appears to be focused on next-generation extensions of many of the collaboration tools we’re already used to in tools such as online meeting applications. While it doesn’t appear to be focused on videonconferencing, there are some signs that Nortel means to make this application good.

Quick Links
– Cisco paid $215 million for PostPath, for its email and calendaring software. Cisco continues to face off against Microsoft.
– Jennifer outlines some tools that small businesses can use for collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers.

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