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WWPYCBW: Strategy and People (August 22, 2008)

Collaboration the New Competitiveness?
Adam considers the range of examples of growing collaboration around the world (governments, businesses, society) and sees three main drivers: (a) greater ability to collaborate, (b) greater need to collaborate given ‘wicked problems’, and (c) an essential need to collaborate. “Don’t get me wrong, friendly competition is still a powerful motivating force to improve efficiencies, spur innovation, and generally make life interesting. But in a world with no borders, finite resources and global problems, the survival of the fittest isn’t a measure of individual success – it requires a team effort.

Twitter Changes Social Dynamics
A Penn State user of Twitter argues that Twitter is a huge multiplier of effectiveness. “ … I honestly believe that if I weren’t on twitter and connected to the people that I’m connected to in my local community I would not be as effective at my job. I would not have the same knowledge, I would not be involved in the same collaborative projects and I would not have the same personal connections to people that work at other campuses and in other departments. Twitter has changed *everything*. I also strongly feel that people not involved in these local twitter discussions are missing out on great conversations, personal relationships, and problem-solving discussions that are taking place *only* in this venue.

Four Things for the Virtual Office
Expresso says that people need four key capabilites for virtual offices: (1) a simple and familiar interface, (2) presence and chat, (3) file control, sharing and real-time collaboration, and (4) conferencing.

Finally …
And finally, congratulations to Step Two Designs on its new web site, and (gulp!) comments on James’s blog!

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