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BrightStar 8th Annual Strategic Intranets Summit: Session Summary

Here’s the quick links to my posts from the 8th Annual Strategic Intranets Summit held in Wellington last week. Thanks to Andrew and the crew at BrightStar for facilitating a great conference.

Thursday August 21
Opening Comments (Dorje McKinnon)
Making the Best Intranet Possible Available with the Funds and Resources Available (Andrew Salisbury)
Planning the Information Architecture for a Usable Intranet (Hayden Sanders)
WWF: Collaboration Case Study (Cairo Walker)
— I missed a session in here —
Power to the People – 3 Intranet Projects (Dale Hartle)
— I missed a session in here —
The Future of Collaborative Work (Michael Sampson)

Friday August 22
From Chaos to Corporate Governance with SharePoint 2007 (Chan Kulathilake)
Goverance and Intranets (David Archibald)
Shifting from an Intranet to a Client-Accessible Extranet (Jaco Swart, see Rainbow Layers)
Design for Find: A Case Study of DOC’s Intranet Redevelopment (Nadia Webster)
An Introduction to Web 2.0 (Mike Riversdale)
Fire Alarm Drill!!
Weaving the Intranet into Staff Operating Practices (Greg Comfort)
Wrap-Up (Dorje McKinnon)

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