WWPYCBW: Productivity and Effectiveness (August 21, 2008)

Things Syncs
Cultured Code announced that Things synchronizes with the iPod touch and iPhone. “Other improvements are a faster dialog for entering new to-dos, an app icon badge, and a customization of the automatic logging behavior. We have also added localizations for French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Lessons from Swimming for Life
Jon shares some thoughts about the lessons from Olympic swimming that can be applied to life. Eg, “3. drifting adds distance”.

Don’t “Check” Email
Andre is of the opinion that you should never check email. You should process email, sure, but never “check” it just for the sake of seeing what’s new. “We scan the From and Subject lines, skipping on if they don’t catch our attention. Out of 80 messages, 20 might be worth actually opening. We open one of these, glance at the body, and intone the “Hmmm” to ourselves that translates as, “This one can probably wait.” Then we repeat the process with the other 19, occasionally distracted by new messages trickling into the inbox the interim. When we finally hit on one that merits our full attention, it becomes all consuming. We spend the next 15 minutes handling whatever crisis is contained in the email. The other messages have to wait.

0 thoughts on “WWPYCBW: Productivity and Effectiveness (August 21, 2008)

  1. What do you think about American Airlines now offering in flight internet for their SFO-JFK, LAX-JFK, & Miami-JFK flights?
    See article here: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/wireless/2008-08-20-aa-inflight-internet_N.htm
    Just because we’re always connected doesn’t mean we are always productive? I personally am excited about in flight internet. I’ve avoided traveling to much before because of the wasted time on the plane. Now I can work and fly, sweet!

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