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WWPYCBW: Strategy and People (August 19, 2008)

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Where Do The Executives Turn?
Roberto writes that senior executives lack authorities on enterprise collaboration who can help them make strategic decisions.

But enterprise collaboration is being held back by some problematic issues. For one, collaborating demands a significant shift in work habits, which demands training. And this requires a stronger-than-usual interaction between the IT department and senior management.

“It’s not an IT problem, it’s a management component” McDonald said. “The question is, how do you take all these things and make it strategic? How do you help people find each other when they need each other?”

And there is another challenge. There’s no authority on enterprise collaboration available for consultation by executives who must make strategic decisions.

To all such executives … talk to Jessica and Jeff at NetAge, and definitely take a look at OrgScope.

Quick Links
– Just because a wiki can be used collaboratively, does not mean that you have to do so. Paul writes, “For example, I maintain a Mediawiki site for my own articles and other resources that I don’t want changed. It used to be an open wiki, but dealing with the spam became too time-consuming. So now the wiki is only open to be read by visitors, not for writing. I no longer feel the need to apologise for this – I don’t let others browse the documents on my hard disk, but I do let others browse (but not edit) the writing on my wiki. And there are plenty of other channels for collaboration out there.

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