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WWPYCBW: Productivity and Effectiveness (August 19, 2008)

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– What Do You Do With Your 35 Hours of Free Time?
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What Do You Do With Your 35 Hours of Free Time?
Based on diary studies from US households in 2005, the average American has 35 hours of leisure time each week, and also works 35 hours.

So where does all the free time go? According to the article, over half of it is spent watching television. (However, the article notes that time spent watching television isn’t any higher than it wasin 1990.)

When people say that they don’t have enough time, it says more about how they spend their time than the actual quantity. After all, no one really has more time, we all just spend it in different ways. When people feel like their time is being spent on very valuable things, they may still run out of time, but there is a completely different level of fulfillment involved.

As Mark writes later … you have to choose what you want to spend your time on. And in a related post, Leo outlines 25 ways to get an hour a day for your priority work.

Quick Links
– Watch the temperature of your environment … it can contribute or detract from your efforts.
– Kelly looks at how to implement GTD for $6, with a paper-planner.
– For frequent travelers, the TSA has new guidelines on laptop friendly bags that you don’t have to empty for screening.

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