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WWPYCBW: Technology (August 8, 2008)

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– Open-Xchange and O3SIS on Mobility
– Dimdim 4.0 Ships
– Pelotonics Releases Stage 1 of its Beta
– Quick News

Open-Xchange and O3SIS on Mobility
Open-Xchange and O3SIS announced an agreement for delivering a mobility extension for Open-Xchange, to be released in 3Q2008.

The companies expect to release in the third quarter software that will enable Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telcos and web hosting companies to offer their customers a mobile extension of the Open-Xchange Hosting Edition. O3SIS will add mobile capabilities to the e-mail, calendar, address book and tasks of Hosted Open-Xchange. By supporting 300-plus certified mobile devices, the O3SIS technology covers more than 95 percent of the total mobile subscriber base.

With mobile devices becoming more and more core to the work and lifestyle of many people, being in the game is important. Otherwise you don’t get a showing.

Dimdim 4.0 Ships
Dimdim released Version 4.0 of its namesake screen sharing service, with various new features: recording and archiving, Mac presenter support, support for multiple presenters, streamlined performance, and free teleconferencing. Review the complete list.

There are many screen sharing offerings that support Windows presenter and Windows and Mac viewing, but only a few that support Windows and Mac presenter and viewing. This is an impressive development by Dimdim.

Pelotonics Releases Stage 1 of its Beta
Pelotonics released Beta 1 of its online group collaboration service.

The Pelotonics system allows project leads and team members to centralize messages, establish and assign milestones and tasks, and access critical files – all from an easy-to-use online portal. The standard pricing structure contains a plan that includes one project at no charge, but this free offer (limited to 500 organizations during the Pelotonics late-stage beta release) gives new users ten free projects for as long as they use the system.

This is a crowded market … hope these guys have the staying power and can be more than yet another “one-press-release-wonder”.

Quick News
– CallWave acquired WebMessenger for $9 million. History lesson: Apptix acquired them for $7 million in May 2007, and then some time earlier this year the WebMessenger management team bought the company back.
– SimpleSignal added voice command support to its hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007 service.
– ShareMethods added iPhone support to its document management service. Available September 6, apparently.
– TimeBridge is up to 70,000 users.
– Thomas shares five reasons not to upgrade to the iPhone 3G if you have an iPhone non-3G.
– Is SharePoint 42? Jane says no.

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