Conference Notes

Roundup of Open Publish 2008

Open Publish 2008 has been and gone … but here’s my notes from the various sessions I attended.

Tuesday July 30
Keynote: The Art of Work (Brett Jackson, Atlassian)
Keynote: We’re Catching Up (Michael Sampson)
Building a Content Management System into an Educational Technology Architecture (Alexander Roche, Androgogic)

Wednesday July 31
Managing Content with Wikis (James Matheson, CustomWare)
The Truth About Enterprise 2.0 (Matt Moore, Engineers without Fears)
Migrating to Open Source Solutions (Dylan Jay, PretaWeb)
Better Business Systems with Office and SharePoint (Alistair Speirs, Microsoft Australia)
Document Storage and Processing on Mobile Devices (Raymond Wong, NICTA)
Ten Tips for Succeeding at Collaboration (James Robertson, Step Two)
Improving Information and Knowledge Management in the NRM Sector (Nerida Hart, Land & Water Australia)

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