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Working with People You Can't Be With Daily Report (July 10, 2008)

The People Part of Working with People You Can’t Be With

  • With the rising cost of gas, employees are likely to be more stressed on the job and less productive. Roy has some ideas on how to reduce the stress and improve productivity, such as telecommuting. “While some employers might fear that at-home workers are being less productive because they’re not physically in the office, Saunderson said that’s usually not the case. While virtual employees might not work a regular 9-5 day because they are not as bound by time, they can focus on completing the project at hand instead of working around that prescribed schedule. In addition, fewer office distractions actually might help employees become more productive.As the article outlines, there are things required to make telecommuting work, and it doesn’t have to be full-time to be effective.
  • SINA Corporation in China is deploying Cisco telepresence units to support interviews. “ SINA Corp will be the first web portal which will be using the virtual meeting solution to transform the method of conducting online video interviews.
    SINA Corp plans to deploy four Cisco TelePresence System 1000 endpoints at its studios in Beijing, Shangai and Guangzhou. SINA Corp will be using Cisco’s innovations in video, audio and communications technologies for capturing interviews and other critical interactions.
    That’s a reasonable application of the technology — good idea.
  • And speaking of Cisco TelePresence, another new customer is an Asia-Pacific financial services company, working with Datacraft. “Under the US$1 million contract, Datacraft Singapore was tasked with planning, designing and implementing TelePresence solutions for the bank’s five strategic operations in Asia Pacific …. Besides enabling top level executive meetings, the TelePresence system is well suited for day-to-day tasks such as long distance job interviews; customer service troubleshooting in remote locations; sales demonstrations; design collaboration; and staff meetings between personnel in separate offices across different countries or continents.It’s good to see Cisco doing well with this technology … there’s a real need for less-travel intensive ways to meet.
  • Distributed and virtual teams are fuzzy things, with fuzzy boundaries (hat tip, Ross). “Of the twenty-four teams surveyed, not a single team was in complete agreement on its boundary: who was and who was not a member of the team. In fact, the average level of agreement within the sample was only 75 percent, such that any given team member was likely to disagree with the rest of his or her team on one-quarter of potential team members.” Larry continues to says that “At the same time that wiki applications such as Socialtext People provide increased awareness of the boundaries of a team, they also increase the likelihood of finding people outside the team with expertise relevant to team challenges, resulting in more boundary spanning across teams. Overall, information sharing within teams and across teams increases.Absolutely … tools that can provide insight into who else in the organization can help with team challenges are essential. See Pillar 7 for my 2005 analysis.

The Technology Trends of Working with People You Can’t Be With

  • NextPage announced that it extended its Information Tracking Platform into SharePoint, enabling organizations to control documents stored throughout SharePoint. “In complementary fashion NextPage tracks the dissemination and evolution of documents beyond SharePoint to include email attachments and document versions saved on local hard drives or thumb drives. NextPage monitors and enforces document retention and disposition policies in the complete enterprise environment and enables SharePoint to become the enterprise document of record location.I am a great fan of the NextPage technology, ever since it did the sort of document lifecycle visualization that I think is needed by users. This is a good addition to its offerings. You can learn more in the PDF.
  • Wainhouse Research is holding its Collaboration Summit in Boston MA on July 16-18. “Wainhouse Research analysts and other leading experts in the fields of video technology, visual communications, telework programs, social networking, and distance education and e-learning will present their views and share their experiences deploying collaboration technologies. The information and interactive discussions and networking opportunities are certain to bring new perspectives to even the most seasoned line-of-business manager or collaboration professional.If there are good presentations by user organizations, go to listen and learn.
  • BridgeHead Software announced BH ShareStore, an archiving product for Microsoft SharePoint. It moves little-used data to cheaper storage devices. “As much as 70 percent of the content of a typical SharePoint system can consist of rarely accessed older items, including early versions of documents that quickly pile up as teams of users collaborate on document creation. Our BH ShareStore archiving software automatically moves inactive SharePoint data from expensive primary storage systems to a range of secondary media where it is managed and kept accessible to end users.This is one way of dealing with storage requirements; another is the NextPage approach mentioned earlier.
  • GlowPoint disclosed a 20% jump in multi-point conferencing equipment sales during the first 6 months of this year compared to the first 6 months of last year. “Glowpoint offers a full suite of meeting and collaboration services that include managed and on-demand Multi-Point video conferencing, web conferencing streaming services, and live event support and planning services. Glowpoint supports Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) video, all the major Telepresence solutions and offers on-demand interpretation services for over 100 languages.That’s a firm sign that organizations are spending more on telepresence and video conferencing.
  • Ziff Davis is hosting a webinar on July 15 on coexistence between SharePoint and Lotus Notes, sponsored by Mainsoft Corporation. Registration required. Eric has some details on the Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator for Notes.

Other Noteworthy Insights

  • Happy Birthday to Jon Swanson, on hitting 50. He has some ideas on how he would like you to celebrate his birthday.
  • Alan Lepofsky is leaving IBM and joining Socialtext as its Director of Marketing. All the best Alan!
  • The new Apple MobileMe service is going live this week, and the .Mac service is going away. “The service will work with the iPhone’s calendar, contacts, and mail applications in addition to working with Mail, iCal, and Address Book on the Macintosh and Outlook on Windows. Users will be able manage their accounts through from any Web-connected device. Users will also be able to use MobileMe to store and share photos, videos and other data wirelessly. MobileMe will be replacing the existing .Mac data storage and syncing service, and the company said existing members will automatically be transferred to the new service.
  • Paul’s found a cool new bike, the Trek Lime. “It has a computer-controlled servo that senses when you need to change gears, and it does it for you – well. “It works kind of like the automatic transmission in your aunt Edna’s Buick.” (That’s how Trek puts it.) It also features a “trunk” under the seat, to put your cell phone or wallet.

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