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Working with People You Can't Be With Daily Report (July 2, 2008)

The Technology Trends of Working with People You Can’t Be With

  • released Version 1.0 of GroupServer, its email collaboration tool for enterprises. The GroupServer software is available as open source for enterprise customers, and others can use it via the hosted service From ComputerWorld NZ: “The website, which has around 14,000 users worldwide, offers message boards, file-sharing, chat and discussion forums, suitable for virtual groups, inter-agency collaboration or hosted extranets, he says. Groups sit on a site of their own, which can be customised with logos, varying colour schemes and site introductions.Good to see Dan and the team take this next step.
  • Paula reviews Mindjet Connect, the online mindmapping service recently released by Mindjet. “We hear the words real-time bantered about quite a bit. With Mindjet Connect, however, real-time editing really is instantaneous. As I participated in a live demo with Mindjet CEO Scott Raskin and several members of his team, I was able to watch various members update different parts of the same map at the same time and visually see the changes automatically.Brian Friedlander is a satisfied customer. With MindMeister offering online mindmaps, this is a natural extension for Mindjet. Makes much more sense that releasing a server offering for enterprises.
  • Coveo released Coveo G2B for CRM, a tool to federate and integrate data for a single view of customer activity across multiple systems. “Coveo G2B for CRM is the only information access solution to provide designated users with a single view of all relevant customer data instantly from a wide variety of CRM applications and other data sources including, Siebel, corporate intranet, tech support emails, customer support databases, and ERP systems …. Coveo G2B for CRM also provides users with advanced content analytics, allowing management and workers to quickly develop a visual analysis of customer data and present it graphically, such as in a spreadsheet or pie chart. In doing so, G2B for CRM empowers businesses to make better decisions for planning, forecasting and resource management.You know what you are doing with your customers, but what have your colleagues been doing? Coveo brings it all together.
  • O3Spaces released a Mac OS X edition of its O3Spaces Workplace collaboration tool. “With the addition of support for Mac OS X, O3spaces completes her offering as a true cross platform Sharepoint alternative. O3Spaces Workplace integrates into popular office productivity suites such as Microsoft Office, and StarOffice and delivers its Document Management & Collaboration solutions for (distributed) teams, work groups & departments, across operating systems.Multi-platform support is critical in collaborative workspaces; you can’t dictate the systems that others use.
  • Teliris released Teliris InterACT Surface and Easel, touch-activated surfaces for remote collaboration meetings. “Documents such as text, images, video and audio can be uploaded and shared with telepresence users across the world, as if they were physical documents. By using a unique gesture recognition, which allows users to interact naturally with intuitive motions, participants can use the two new multi-touch offerings to move a document around and pass it to other participants in other countries by pushing, dragging, or turning the document. Pages can be turned and the content can be zoomed in and out.” Learn more at Teliris. This is indeed the next step for telepresence … co-control of rendered artifacts. Wonder if I can get two test units? 😉

Other Noteworthy Insights

  • July is here (finally), and that means that The Dark Knight is about to be released. It’s the follow up to Batman Begins (the second blog post ever on this site!)

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