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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (June 23, 2008)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Sun Microsystems released some good data points about the benefits of telecommuting (hat tip, Jessica). “Sun found that its U.S. employees worked at home an average of 2.1 days per week in 2007. In doing so, they saved an average of $870 per year in gasoline (back when it was just $3.26 a gallon) and around $1,770 dollars in wear and tear on their car (by driving 3,700 fewer commute miles). They were also spared — get this — 104 hours of commute time, which translates to around two and half weeks. This is based on the finding that Sun U.S. employees have an average commute of 40 miles round-trip per day.

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Video demonstration of Cisco’s experimentation with holographic telepresence. “Introducing the ‘Cisco On-Stage TelePresence Experience’. This is a collaboration between Cisco and Musion Systems which integrates Musion’s 3D holographic display technology with Cisco’s TelePresence’s system to create the world’s first real time virtual presentation.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Don’t let the Internet make you stupid … you have to fight back says Charlie. Seven ideas: (1) read great literature, (2) create something daily — become a producer, (3) train your brain, (4) exercise your body, (5) play music, (6) talk to offliners, and (7) go outside.
  • Ten signs that your work-life balance is out of whack (hat tip, Scott). “A new Work-Life Balance study shows that most feel that life is running them ragged and they don’t know what to do about it. Research among 1,789 adults showed that most people believe that Work-Life Balance is impossible. Among working women, a whopping 87% believe that Work-Life Balance is not possible to achieve. Among working men, an even higher 89% said that Work-Life Balance was not possible.
  • Good reminder from Jim: say ‘no’ to the things that don’t give you energy and enable you to contribute your best.

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