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Brief Notes on the k2 blackpoint Workflow Engine for SharePoint

K2 hosted a webinar today, introducing K2 blackpoint to the Australia and New Zealand customers. K2 blackpoint is a workflow tool for SharePoint.

K2 blackpoint is the baby brother of B2 blackpearl. The latter supports additional things like process design in Visual Studio and Visio, and deep integration into line-of-business applications such as SAP.

On the blackpoint licensing, it starts at $5000 per server for 200 users and goes up to $15,000 for unlimited users. You can upgrade to blackpearl whenever you want to.

Demo: Auto-Creating a SharePoint Site
The presenter showed a standard SharePoint library, and then the K2 Studio rich client for designing workflows. She worked through the steps involved in setting up a new workflow using the blackpoint design client (k2 studio) based on fields in an InfoPath Form that she had pre-created. The scenario was to do with a request for a new SharePoint site, and it was shown how blackpoint would take an approved request and set up the site automatically. Part of the setup was to say how the project site would be named (eg, based on a field in the InfoPath form), where it would be created (eg, in the site hierarchy), and what SharePoint template it would be based on (and although I had to step out momentarily, I guess you could base the template either on a selection on the InfoPath form or as specified by an administrator).

This was just one of the process types that could be set up.

Next Actions
There is a beta of K2 blackpoint currently available. See