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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (June 17, 2008)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Todd released a blueprint for Enterprise 2.0, covering the business drivers, the people involved, the technologies, the methods, and the impacts. See the PDF (1 page).
  • Shawn at CMSWatch asks whether SharePoint represents the ‘portal endgame’. “In fact, [a colleague] went as far as to compare SharePoint to Kleenex, Band Aid, and Xerox — no one installs “portals” anymore, they install “SharePoint.” This begs the question: does SharePoint represent the end-all of portal products?” After presenting some evidence, Shawn writes “Is SharePoint the “End of Portal History?” Not likely. The end of the Cold War did not mark the end of political history. It just suspended some discussions and changed some others. SharePoint has clearly caused a disruption in portal conversations in many organizations. The real question is whether SharePoint deserves this kind of attention.

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Tandberg released the E20 video phone, for personal video conferencing in the enterprise. “Whether making a quick telephone call to a colleague down the hall, or collaborating on video with a partner overseas, users of the E20 will experience greater audio quality than today’s standard office phones. In addition the E20 provides the ability to instantly communicate face-to-face to build deeper understanding and trust. Designed with the user in mind, the five-megapixel high resolution camera positioned at eye-level provides a head-on image that eliminates the “nose view” typical of currently available video phones. With the 10.6 inch LCD widescreen, users can clearly see facial expressions and read body language.” Available 2009.
  • Tandberg also released Tandberg T1, an “instant telepresence” offering for ad hoc meetings in offices and small meeting rooms. “With the TANDBERG T1 telepresence solution, meeting participants feel they are at the same table, no matter where they are located. To achieve this true-to-life experience, a single 65-inch, 1080p LCD screen works in tandem with a PrecisionHD 1080p camera, inverted to bring the camera closer to the screen for direct eye contact. The T1 is standards-compliant, making calls with other standards-compliant systems simple.” Available October 2008.
  • Dale from Freeform Dynamics outlines the key capabilities of unified communications tools: presence awareness, rules-based routing, device awareness, media transformation, unified directories, and the unified inbox.
  • Mainsoft previewed an integration with Lotus Quickr and Microsoft SharePoint, broadening its integration capabilities between IBM technologies and SharePoint. Capabilities include: “Integration with IBM Lotus Quickr and SharePoint document libraries. Developers will have direct access to IBM Lotus Quickr and SharePoint document libraries from a documents browser in the Eclipse and Visual Studio IDEs. Integration with IBM Lotus Quickr and SharePoint document management workflows. This will allow subject matter experts that do not use Jazz-based products to easily participate in the software delivery process using their preferred productivity/collaboration tools.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Enleiten released its collaborative task and project management service, based on the principles of GTD. Steve shares the story. “ … Enleiten, which is a collaborative GTD application delivered in the cloud and available for single consumer users, small groups or businesses. I interviewed CEO Doreen Hartzell about Enleiten and their approach on taking the to-do list and project management paradigm to a new level.” He writes, “Enleiten has nailed the workflow and functionality (Projects/People/Contexts) in much the same way that Google nailed search vs. cluttering up the page with lots of ads, upsells and cross selling. They’ve hit the sweet spot of GTD and lightweight project management and coupled it with a group approach — one I’d term a “social GTD” application.” See also the Enleitened Blog.

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