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Speaking at … 8th Annual Strategic Intranet Summit (Wellington, New Zealand)

BrightStar is hosting the 8th Annual Strategic Intranet Summit in Wellington on August 21 and 22, and I’m speaking! BrightStar has this to say about the conference:

Now in its eighth year, this event has built a reputation as New Zealand’s premier intranet summit, highly valuable in terms of both the knowledge you gain and the people you meet. This year features a great line up of case studies illustrating successful intranet management initiatives and prominent speakers covering the biggest issues that challenge intranet managers.

My session is on Friday August 22 at 4pm, which means I’m the last speaker at the conference and the only thing standing between the attendees and either (a) going home, (b) going to the pub, or (c) flying home. Anyway … my session is this:

Understanding the Collaborative Working Potential of Intranets and What Trends are Looming on the Horizon
A well designed intranet can allow for increased work efficiency by allowing collaborative work to take place across the business. This has a use with enormous potential as systems improve and
powerful tools are developed and made available. This session examines the potential of collaborative work and explores the future trends that are forecast for the future and the shift from knowledge management to knowledge sharing.
• The possibilities offered by collaborative work
• Utilising the potential of current systems
• What future developments and trends hold for collaborative work

Will you be there?

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