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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (May 15, 2008)

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • IBM announced a partnership with RIM for new hosting services for the BlackBerry platform. “IBM will expand its portfolio of Managed Wireless Services for the BlackBerry platform leveraging its successful services offering that currently hosts more than 100,000 enterprise end users globally. The offering builds upon the strength of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server product line with a far-reaching suite of services that include hosting, consulting, systems integration, and deployment of enterprise applications on the converged platform.
  • Messaging Architects released Version 3.5 of M+Extranet, a web publishing solution for Novell GroupWise. “With M+Extranet, GroupWise users have several choices for disseminating information quickly to a large number of people as a web page or a blog, via a podcast or an RSS feed. This makes it an efficient and cost-effective solution for posting up-to-the-minute content on a company intranet site, a client extranet site, or a student portal.” Available immediately.
  • Novell released Open Workgroup Suite and bundled Novell Teaming with it. “With this addition, the Novell Open Workgroup Suite now allows for social networking within the enterprise where subject matter experts are easily identified and new team workspaces can be easily formed. It makes teamwork and knowledge sharing a standard feature for organizations of all sizes. The knowledge capture and sharing capability inherent in personal and joint team spaces ensures nothing is lost when an employee leaves an organization. The work done as part of a larger group or team effort is retained in the workspace and can be accessed by existing and new team members at any time.
  • RIM and IBM announced a partnership to mobilize more business applications, including portals and dashboards, social networking, unified communications, and business intelligence. “The joint initiative enables customers to securely manage their communications, contacts and schedules and collaborate and network through social software, all from within the familiar, intuitive interface of their BlackBerry smartphones. This includes the general availability of the new BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Connections, IBM’s social software for business, at a time when eMarketer forecasts that mobile social networking will grow from 82 million users in 2007 to over 800 million worldwide by 2012.
  • Regardless of the relative weaknesses of SharePoint for records management, attendees at the 2008 Records Management Conference believe organizations will still embrace SharePoint. “They thought organisations would implement it regardless of the relative weakness of its records management functionality, because of: (a) Microsoft’s entrenched relationships with IT departments in most organisations; (b) Microsoft’s willingness to incentivise organisations to take it up by bundling SharePoint up with other products and upgrades; and (c) The fact that SharePoint can do many more things than just manage records and hence will appeal to different interests within the organisation: even if a records manager rejects SharePoint it may be advocated and procured by their Head of Communications, or a Knowledge Manager or an intranet manager.
  • Colligo is hosting a Webinar on May 29 looking at managing email in SharePoint. “Attend this practical “How To” webinar to learn the pros and cons of the most popular options for integrating Microsoft Office Outlook and SharePoint Server 2007 – to better support email management in your organization. Discover strategies for a successful deployment that maximizes user adoption while minimizing the burden on IT.
  • Oracle announced Oracle Beehive, a new collaboration platform (hat tip, Ed). “Oracle Beehive provides an integrated set of collaboration services built on a single, scalable, open, and enterprise-class collaboration platform. Beehive allows users to access their collaborative information through familiar clients while enabling IT to consolidate collaborative infrastructure and implement people-centric applications with a centrally managed, secure, and compliant environment built on Oracle technology.” Gartner says Oracle faces an uphill battle in the collaboration market.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Get it done on time: create an interim deadline. “If I have a deadline I’ll meet it, so oftentimes I give myself a self-imposed deadline. For example, I’ll book a theater before I’ve written the play. Or, I’ll invite six actors to come to my house on a Sunday to read something I haven’t written yet so that I’ll be forced to write something for them to read.
  • Learn how to relax, and become more productive. Laura has ideas: (a) step-off the merry-go-round, (b) rest is good, (c) set aside some “me” time, (4) play and don’t feel guilty about it, and more. “Learn to take it easy to you can become more productive than ever. This might sound like something Zen, but the truth is that even seemingly quiet, relaxing uses of free time are energy-builders — not energy drains.

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