Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (May 12, 2008)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Getting to “we” in a collaboration, in five steps: (a) state the problem, (b) talk it through, (c) listen to others and learn, (4) see the interlocking concerns, and (5) create together.
  • We are what we share. We are no longer what we own.
  • One user thinks out loud about the current crop of online document creation tools, and comes up wanting more. “While it is interesting to consider the market for collaborative document tools, I believe someone should learn about what is possible and then determine what would work best for their needs. Yes, this is a course on Web 2.0 tools, but must one always be online? This reminds me a little of the students I see who cannot seem to relish the silence w/o cell phones or Ipods. Working on a document simultaneously may have its advantages in the early stages, but in the end, there needs to be one editor and hands-off time. Maybe that’s when one copy and pastes it from the collaborative space back into their private world!

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • DocVerse is in private beta, but it offers a document sharing and collaboration service (hat tip, Mike). The two founders are ex-Microsoft, and both have had roles in SQL Server things.
  • Peter is speaking at a web conference on May 29 about email chaos and SharePoint. “While most solutions on the market, today, offer a one-sided solution to these problems by either addressing the information retention problem or helping users collaborate, this web conference introduces an innovative email management solution, called Email-Manager and SharePoint , which effectively addresses both issues.” Email Manager is a server-side approach to capturing email messages into a SharePoint library.
  • RIM announced the BlackBerry Bold, RIM’s answer to the iPhone. “From its lustrous black exterior, satin chrome finished frame and stylish leather-like backplate, to its stunning display, sophisticated user interface and newly designed full-QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry Bold smartphone is a symbol of accomplishment and aspiration.” Available Summer 2008. See Michael Parekh, “One has the killer physical keyboard and industrial-strength email capabilities. The other the killer touch-screen with the “real internet”, and a universe of software applications to come.” And Wall Street Journal.
  • Mark posted what he learned from the March 2008 Gartner conference on Portals and Collaboration.
  • Adam from Quest Software released a white paper on why a company should migrate to SharePoint. “This white paper discusses why Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is an excellent platform on which to consolidate your data. It is not efficient to keep data spread across the organization in so many locations.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Chuck weighs in on the value of public speaking to build a practice as a marketing strategy. “It is cheap. In fact, it will often guarantee you a free meal. It will give you an opportunity to meet a lot of really good people (including some strange and interesting ones – but always enjoyable). It is just an expansion of your elevator speech. It usually does not have an immediate and dramatic increase on your practice, but if you actively solicit those groups, organizations and people that you need to build a referrals base, the business stream is typically longer and represent better clients because they are often pre-qualified.
  • Ask the key question of yourself each day so you can pass the Pillow Test. “Ultimately, you want to end your days laying your head on your pillow satisfied in the knowledge that you rocked out, and rocked hard. Asking yourself the question How do I want to feel when I put my head on my pillow tonight? may give you just the push you need to stay focused, take advantage of every opportunity you have to move forward on your goals, and to “get down to it, before the night is over.”

Other Noteworthy Insights

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