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Teaching the Teachers: Supporting Virtual Teams through Technology

One of the benefits to me of asking for contact details of people when they download one of my free white papers (say the 7 Pillars framework for collaboration) is that I can reach out to each person and learn a bit about what they are doing, and why the 7 Pillars (for instance) is of interest to them. Last month I followed up with a teacher from Australia (“a teacher interested in the 7 Pillars?” I thought), and found out that the 7 Pillars is on the recommended reading list for teachers of IT of Year 12 students in Melbourne. These teachers tell students about using technology to support virtual teams, and the 7 Pillars is a reference that they are using. How cool is that!

Anyway, one thing led to another, and since I was already going to be in Australia in early April, I am now also doing a 3 hour professional development workshop for these teachers. This is being hosted by the Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association (or VITTA for short), on April 9 in Melbourne.

Virtual teams are an increasingly common organisational design strategy, and new technology is constantly being developed to support teams in their communication and collaboration activities. What makes virtual teams different from face-to-face teams, and how should organisations support virtual teams in their work through technology?

Join Michael Sampson, international expert on collaboration, for a lecture on the keys to virtual team performance, and then for a workshop on how to design and implement technology to support virtual team collaboration and information sharing activities.

4:30 – Registration and refreshments
5:00 – Leacture: Supporting virtual teams through technology
5:45 – Workshop: Supporting virtual teams through technology
7:45 – Close

Registrations are now open.

(I think this means that I’ll have to take my lab to Australia — oh for a MacBook Air and two Lenovo X300s!!!!)

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