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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (March 6, 2008)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Ivan argues that its time to give up email and go face-to-face for certain business meetings. “We want to be treated seriously — like the big boys. We can’t, shouldn’t and won’t escape from meeting with our clients because sometimes it just makes sense. Some meetings will be time-wasters — that’s true — but knowing what your client is really thinking and the emotion he or she is showing while thinking that thought will make a huge difference.

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Google announced a Window Mobile 5 and 6 edition of Google Gears, for sychronization and offline access to Web data on mobile devices. Currently works with Zoho and Buxfor. Re Zoho: “You can now access your Zoho Writer documents from your Windows Mobile device. Currently we support Windows Mobile 6.0. Documents in Zoho Writer can be viewed using Internet Explorer on your Windows Mobile device. The current version supports viewing your documents. Document editing will be offered later.” See also the Google announcement.
  • Todd reflects on the business value of Enterprise 2.0 applications, and says that he can see value at the macro and micro levels. At the macro level: page counts on the wiki, and the growth thereof over time. On the micro level: “This value may be in the form of cost reductions such replacing applications, reducing staff, or simply lowering the cost of business. They may also be in the form of business speed such as enabling workflow or assembling new applications in days versus months. Additionally, we can break down the value in many other areas like improving the product or service, improving the customer focus, and enabling innovation excellence. All of these areas can be measured by looking at the direct tangible benefits, indirect tangible benefits, intangible benefits, and even unpredictable benefits.
  • IBM released a new case study on how Nutra-Flo is using Notes, Domino, Sametime and Quickr. “Lotus Notes 8 software features an integrated Lotus Sametime client for instant messaging and presence awareness, and licenses for the full Lotus Sametime product mean Nutra-Flo can take advantage of Lotus Sametime Web conferencing. With these capabilities, Nutra-Flo can stay in contact with its Korean partners without the time delay issues of e-mail and can communicate more effectively in between face-to-face meetings. Plus, instant messages are now saved within the e-mail database, so users can view chat histories from within the Lotus Notes 8 client.
  • IBM announced Enterprise Adaptability, a new consulting service to help organizations maximize the return on collaboration. “With Enterprise Adaptability companies can learn how to embed Web 2.0 technologies into the fabric of business operations, allowing employees, partners and customers to communicate, establish new business relationships and make real-time decisions within the context of their everyday work.” The service has three parts: planning, adoption, and implementation.
  • Quest Software released a plethora of new tools for SharePoint, including a Notes Migrator, a development tool, a File Migrator, an Exchange Public Folder Migrator, and a SharePoint 2003 to 2007 migration tool.
  • Azaleos introduced new flat-rate pricing for it services to migrate to Exchange Server. “Unlike hosted Exchange providers that require organizations to turn over control of their messaging systems and have their e-mail and archives stored off-site, the Azaleos’ on-premise solution allows companies to keep control of their Exchange application and maintain data in-house. In the event of a problem, Azaleos OneStop Services guarantee messaging information remains accessible.
  • Xythos announced a new range of Web 2.0 collaboration and compliance tools, including Xythos Filer and an update to Xythos on Demand. “Xythos Filer is designed to work together with the company’s Enterprise Document Management Suite to accelerate and simplify the process of classifying documents and declaring records intended for storage in the system’s web-based repository. For organizations challenged by the rapid growth of unstructured data, Xythos Filer helps distribute the means to capture and classify information to better meet compliance requirements and respond to e-discovery requests. Increased deployments of networked multifunction printers have also created demand for safe and easy ways for office workers to scan documents to the web where they can better manage and share them.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • If you want to have an ideal day, you first of all need to decide what that will look like. Mike has 12 ideas to get you closer … (a) leave your work space ready to go for the next day, (b) get enough sleep, (c) start the day strongly, (d) when you are at work, work, and more. And don’t forget this one: “Take your breaks. A good stretch and walk around the block is good for the body and the mind. Step away from the computer, leave the Blackberry at your desk and just walk. Take five minutes and read a chapter from that book that you put in your briefcase. Breathe some fresh air. Get some water. It’s that simple.
  • Make sure that you pay sufficient attention to your life as well as your work. Alex has some ways to do this: (1) get out in the sunlight, (2) have flowers around, (3) eat healthy food, (4) cultivate good friendships, (5) find a person to love, (6) be intentional about growth, (7) exercise, (8) be a person of integrity, and (9) respect those around you.

Other Noteworthy Insights

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