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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (February 6, 2008)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • The Society for Information Management recently outlined seven strategies for effectiveness with corporate wikis. Eg, “3. Optimize the use of wikis for collaborative knowledge creation across geographically dispersed employees, and for crossing divisional or functional boundaries, in order to gain insights from people not previously connected.” For each strategy, Stewart provides a link to a relevant WikiPattern.
  • Amit proposes a method for capturing team knowledge during a conference call, with a particular emphasis on context and structure.

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Open Text introduced the Open Text Legal Information Management SharePoint Edition solution, which “combines the power of Open Text’s specialized legal industry expertise in matter lifecycle management and proactive compliance, with the collaboration and document management capabilities of Office SharePoint Server 2007.
  • PocketMac introduced GoBetween for Meeting Maker, for synchronizing your contact database, calendars and to-do list from Meeting Maker with Apple devices.
  • Zimbra rolled out Version 5.0 of Collaboration Suite, with new offline access and instant messaging capabilities. “Any file from an email in Zimbra can be stored in a “Briefcase” instead of as an email attachment. The Zimbra Desktop provides offline access to the suite, including all email features, calendar access, folders and search.
  • If Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Yahoo goes through, then analysts think that Zimbra will be left to wither and die. Regardless, the Zimbra team is charging ahead with new development work.
  • Near-Time announced thatAltSearchEngines will use Near-Time Premium to power new subscription-based forums. “At launch, two separate forums will leverage Near-Time Premium to charge for varying levels of subscription access. AltSearchEngine forum memberships will begin at $5.99/month for readers – or a special introductory rate of $49 per year and an equally appealing introductory rate of $49/year for Search industry authorship. Forum memberships are available immediately at
  • Brien takes on the challenge of outlining the business value of presence. “The reason that presence is such a powerful tool is that people no longer use a single communications mechanism. Today, nobody just uses the phone or email. Instead, people often use office phones, mobile phones, email, instant messaging and videoconferencing, to name just a few types of communications. Unified messaging brings all of these forms of communication together, but the problem has always been in knowing which communications mechanism is best suited to a specific instance. For example, suppose that you need to get in touch with one of your co-workers. Should you use the phone or email? If you decide to use the phone, should you call the person’s office number, home number or mobile number? This is where presence comes into play.
  • The newest Polycom Conference Phones have addition shielding to cancel the buzz from being located too close to a mobile phone.

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