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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (January 17, 2008)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • IBM unveiled software and research plans aimed at improving the way employees across an organization collaborate in a globally integrated enterprise. On the software side, is now available to enterprises, and IBM Rational Team Concert Express is aimed at small and medium sized software development teams. On the IBM Research side: “IBM Research is working to solve the digital divide in the workforce with Project Bluegrass, a project that integrates three key factors in motivating Millennials — collaboration, communication and visualization. Project Bluegrass takes the IBM Jazz technology and creates a virtual-world environment where software developers can work, chat and brainstorm around a virtual water cooler while “seeing” their teammates alongside interactive visual representations of ideas, data from the Web and from Jazz-based sources.” Nice work.
  • Janet advocates for the enterprise adoption of an RSS system for attention management; she is trying to explain where and how such products help end users and knowledge workers, rather than just leading to information overload. “As user behaviors change, the “attention analytics” will evolve with them. I am training my RSS reader to prioritize my information for me, and serve it to me in a unique, personal manner.
  • Perceptive Software released ImageNow Interact for Microsoft SharePoint, which links the ImageNow document management system with SharePoint. “Extending the functionality of ImageNow with Microsoft SharePoint, Interact provides a direct access for SharePoint users to work with ImageNow documents and participate in Perceptive Software managed business processes through an interface seamlessly integrated into SharePoint portals. This same integration provides instant access to documents in virtually any format with a simple and straightforward approach to search and retrieval from any location through a secure internet connection.
  • Luis outlines how to connect Lotus Connections with Microsoft SharePoint and OCS. “SharePoint was created as a way for users to share content, and its access is controlled by a moderator or site owner. SharePoint, however, does not have a way for people to share bookmarks or to collaborate around specific activities – two capabilities provided by Lotus Connections from which SharePoint customers can benefit. An example of how Lotus Connections complements SharePoint is the use of Communities. One of the biggest pain points for enterprises is enabling their employees to find intellectual capital repositories. Lotus Connections Communities can fill this gap by allowing a community owner to advertise the specific SharePoint site the community uses to store intellectual capital. Thus, when an employee searches Lotus Connections he may run into a particular community and easily link to its SharePoint site.
  • Get better at sharing files, make your workplace a happier place to work.
  • Zimbra added support for various Apple technologies into its Collaboration Suite, including Safari 3, CalDAV for iCal on Mac OS X Leopard, and better iPhone performance. “To meet the advanced calendaring needs of Mac users, Zimbra now supports CalDAV, a key feature for customers using Leopard’s iCal 3 as their calendaring client. Based on a public standard, CalDAV allows users to synchronize and browse free/busy time and recurring appointments easily, both with personal and public calendars.
  • The fight is on: anti-collaboration management software is gearing up for the enterprise.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Goal setting is integral to moving in the direction you want to go. But you will need a process to follow.
  • Jason shares some ideas on how people can make the most of attending a seminar.Asking questions, listening carefully, imagining and visualizing yourself experimenting with the information back in the real world are great methods to enhance your learning experience. Here are several ways to maximize the time you spend in seminars.
  • Let’s make 2008 a year of a reduced information diet, proposes Laura. Ideas: (1) skip the news, (2) never meet in person to give information, (3) use the phone strategically, and more.

Other Noteworthy Insights

  • BusySync from BusyMac can sync iCal calendars over the Internet. Its 2.0 product, due in February, will support synchronization between iCal and Google Calendar.
  • Steve Leveen, CEO of Levenger, has started blogging.
  • The World Economic Forum in Davos next week has the overarching theme of The Power of Collaborative Innovation. The meeting’s programme will follow five conceptual pillars that are high on the global agenda in 2008. These range from “Economics and Finance: Addressing Economic Insecurity” to “Business: Competing while Collaborating” and from “Geopolitics: Aligning Interests across Divides” to “Science and Technology: Exploring Nature’s New Frontiers” as well as “Values and Society: Understanding Future Shifts”.

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