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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (January 8, 2008)

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Eric thinks that Google Apps is too complex, and wonders whether 2008 in the year for simplification. There is, however, a long list of items that current users want added. Eg, sync to mobile devices, a wiki capability.
  • Charles Smith from the law firm Grimes & Smith outlines the reasons why they chose Google Apps in order to simplify its email and group scheduling environment.
  • Collaboration overload is costing $588 billion a year in lost productivity, though increased interruptions and duplicated information. This is calculated based on interruptions devouring 28% of a knowledge workers day.
  • WorkLight introduced WorkBook, a management server for controlling behind-the-firewall access to Facebook, whereby proprietary corporate data is stored on internal servers, not on Facebook. “[WorkBook] allows the part of the information that resides on a Facebook page that is proprietary to never to go to the Facebook server. Users work within an application framework where the information is being served from the WorkBook server from behind the firewall. The users are authenticated through existing authentication and access control systems.” Andrew McAfee shares some thoughts.
  • While the phrase “unified communications” is still somewhat amorphous, customers are increasingly approaching vendors for it. Increased productivity and infrastructure savings are key drivers.
  • Users with an iPhone are 50% more likely to browse the Web on it compared to those with Windows Mobile devices.
  • Basex says that 2008 is the year of “information overload”. Scott at Attensa says huh? … hasn’t it been the problem since 2005 or before? He thinks the “Year of Attention” is a better slant on things.
  • Zoho had a great year in 2007, and says that there is more goodness still to come. “Zoho’s commitment to long-term, continuous improvement and advancements reflects the backing it receives as a member of the AdventNet family. Unlike companies built around an exit strategy, Zoho is a brand of AdventNet, a company with an execution strategy. Privately-funded AdventNet has been profitable for 11 years, with a successful track record that demonstrates it knows how to deliver software and execute against larger players. For AdventNet, Zoho is pursuing the long-term vision of empowering people to work online.
  • Foldera shut off access to its beta programme, citing pending strategic changes.
  • John outlines why you should go to Lotusphere 2008, and what you stand to gain.
  • Alinean released a total cost of ownership calculator for Windows Mobile vs BlackBerry devices.
  • CMS Watch thinks that an organizational backlash is coming in 2008 with SharePoint. “You will also see a backlash against sizable development costs and times to build maintainable applications in the MOSS environment. With the more complex SharePoint projects struggling to launch, customers are realizing a disconnect between Redmond’s heavy promotion and the realities of a product that is significantly less out-of-the-box than most expect.” The authors think this applies to Alfresco, too.

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