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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (December 10, 2007)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Cultural Journey at Janssen-Cilag … Nathan records the cultural journey that his firm, Janssen-Cilag, has been on with the adoption of a wiki for collaboration. “Success is defined by what we do, not what we have the opportunity to do. Implementing a Wiki isn’t success, building an organisation that will take collective ownership and collaboratively edit content is. Technology creates opportunity for changes of behaviour and helps shift the conversation away from excuses (it’s too hard) to reasons (it’s too risky). Frankly, at Janssen-Cilag, we don’t yet know exactly how we should be communicating and collaborating. But, we do know that the steps we’ve taken so far have improved communication, increased our flexibility and given people the power to run with ideas. We want to continue this journey, pushing more power to the edge of the organisation.” It’s a good case study, but I stridently disagree with the characterisations in his Enterprise Collaboration Maturity Model (but I’ll have to wait until next year to write why). e-gineer

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • FeedSync 1.0 … Microsoft released Version 1.0 of FeedSync, for two way synchronization over RSS. Calendar sync, however, is not included in this version. Calendar Swamp
  • First Consulting FirstPoint … First Consulting released FirstPoint, an ECM solution for life sciences organizations. “In addition to managing regulated content for the enterprise, FirstPoint’s rules based workflow engine can facilitate collaborative processes across the many functions often overlooked in ECM deployments such as such as legal, finance, and human resources, as well as secure external collaboration. Companies realize value through extensive automation of what were once time consuming and counterproductive
  • SharePoint for Project Management … Peter is giving a seminar on Wednesday this week (December 12, 2pm Eastern time) on the use of SharePoint for Project Management. Agenda: “The SharePoint technical requirements for running a project; Project management best practices with SharePoint; Out of the box SharePoint project features- Ganttcharts, workflow, issue tracking, email routing; How to get the project team on board, quickly and with training; How to overcome information overload; Differences between SharePoint and Project Server 2007; and Why implement Project Server or SharePoint?Peter Ward

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • 3 Hours a Day … After doing all the stuff you have to do, Leo figures you have about 3 hours a day left for doing the stuff you want to do. “3 hours left over for doing stuff I’m passionate about, for pursuing my dreams, for doing new projects that will change my life, for writing the Great American Novel, for exercise, for spending time with loved ones, for myself. I’m guessing most of you have about that much time in your day for these kinds of things, give or take an hour or so. What will you do with your 3 hours?ZenHabits

Other Noteworthy Insights

  • On Writing, “Just Start” … From Chris, on writing: “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” – Louis L’Amour who published over 100 books and sold 230 million copies. Christopher Scott
  • More Trouble in Palm Land … “After market close Thursday, Palm issued a profit warning for its fiscal second quarter. Palm said it will report revenue between $345 million and $350 million, down from the company’s projection for sales between $370 million to $380 million on Oct. 1. Palm also said it will lose 22 cents to 24 cents a share including charges and 8 cents a share to 10 cents a share excluding them. Wall Street was expecting a profit of 4 cents a share, according to Thomson Financial.ZDNet

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