Conference Notes

Leveraging IdeaJam for Ranking Productivity Tips

To say there is a lot to do for Eric’s Beyond Planning: eProductivity conference starting on Saturday in the Philippines is an understatement!

One of the sessions in three of the tracks that Eric is presenting is about productivity tips. Eric has enlisted the help of Bruce Elgort and his IdeaJam service to find out the top tips from a wide group of people.

Before I took off for Manila, I wrote to Bruce and asked him if he would set up an IdeaJam space to allow me to share some of my favorite productivity tips that I have collected and allow folks to rank them in terms of value to them. Bruce came though and created the Beyond Planning IdeaJam site. He’s created sections for all three categories of tips I plan to share: General, Advanced, and Executive.

If you care to cast your opinion, head on over. Thanks.

Read the instructions at Eric’s site please.

(And thanks Bruce!)