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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (October 17, 2007)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Emergence = Messy … Jim ponders the meaning of “emergence” and its role in organizational life. “In some respects, “emergence” is a fancy organizational development word for “messy.” The more our systems must deal with the complexities of the real world, the messier they must be to accommodate that messiness. Large scale organizations in general, and IT organizations in particular are not generally comfortable with messiness. Calling it emergence helps. But the fundamental need is to acknowledge that it is more useful to learn as we go and build our systems accordingly, than it is to force fit these systems into structures that cannot contain them.McGee’s Musings

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • IBM Information Server Update … IBM released an update to Information Server, its information integration platform. “ … improvements include IBM System z support, new desktop metadata search capabilities, federation support for additional data types, new SAP R/3 support, and an extended user community that will foster collaboration among customers, partners and academia.IBM
  • TimeBridge Demo … Yori posted a demo of how TimeBridge assists with meeting scheduling challenges. “One of the very useful functions of TimeBridge is the ability to propose overlapping times to multiple people and meetings, and then have TimeBridge confirm the meetings with no conflicts.TimeBridge
  • Spam at 90.6% … Oren reports that of the 137 million emails arriving at his university last month, 90.6% were spam. Is this what will actually kill email? “One has to wonder how we can (or why we should) continue to invest in providing robust technology infrastructure to provide a service that overwhelmingly serves to transport messages we don’t (or would prefer not to) deliver.Oren Sreebny
  • Etelos Server for Google … Etelos released the Etelos Server for Google Apps, middleware software to enable developers to integrate their applications with Google ones (“Etelos Server for Google Apps is a platform that enables developers to focus on building a successful application, while solving critical business system and distribution problems for them. By doing the heavy lifting for developers, Etelos makes it easy to bring existing applications or build new applications that instantly work with the Google Apps platform.“). There is also a separate project management application. jkOnTheRun, Etelos

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • On Filing … Steve on the pros of his filing system: “Some might consider this filing system evidence of a disorganised mind. But the perceptive will merely note that the paper was always safely filed. Further, it was able to be retrieved when needed, which is surely the test of any filing system. Thirdly, my filing system has saved the employer nearly 4.5 months of a pay increase. Surely this should enable me to win the “truly valuable employee” of the year award.emergent kiwi
  • GTD Insights … Nine GTD’ers share their key learnings regarding the power of the GTD approach. The Daily Saint (hat tip, Craig)
  • On Focus … David reflects on how focus involves making some tough choices about what to do and what to leave. “If you’re like me, you’re both excited and daunted by the prospect of tackling all these things. I had written about this last week from a different perspective, basically complaining in as productive a manner as I could 🙂 With an entire year of extended project commitments looking me square in the face, I’ve got to toughen up.David Seah

Other Noteworthy Insights

  • iPhone SDK … An SDK for the iPhone is coming in February next year. “It will take Apple until February to come out with an SDK because the company is trying to create an open platform so developers can write applications accessing the most advanced iPhone features, as well as a secure environment that isn’t prone to viruses, worms or other security threats, Jobs wrote.ComputerWorld NZ
  • Back to My Mac … “It looks like .Mac subscribers are going to get a little more out of Leopard than the rest of us. .Mac’s Back to My Mac feature is new in Leopard, and is pretty neat. Basically, it allows you to connect to a remote Mac over the Internet and access files or log into the Mac remotely. I imagine this is being done with some sort of dynamic DNS (.Mac keeps track of your remote Mac’s IP address and allows you to connect to it).TUAW

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