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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (October 12, 2007)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • You Have No Choice … Andy argues that firms have no choice but to learn how to be effective with distributed teams. “But, figuring out the solutions is not optional, because your teams are ALREADY DISTRIBUTED. I rarely see a software project that is not spread out over two locations, doesn’t have someone who works at home, etc.” And Ross doesn’t disagree (“Yeah, we probably could be better at managing distributed teams, but we are working on it, and what I’m doing is sharing learnings based on experience. We started with four co-founders in three states and only created an office for the management and marketing function two years ago. Our office is the wiki, our hallway is the IRC channel, meeting rooms on Skype and Asterix. We don’t eat our own dogfood, we drink our own champagne. It makes the product better and we wrestle with the issues that are the future of work every day.“). Assembla
  • Improve IT, Ditch Email … A CIO at this weeks Gartner ITexpo advocated using meetings to improve communication rather than email. The attendees couldn’t figure it out (“ … [the] remark elicited laughter from this Blackberry-carrying audience.“). Perhaps this is indicative of how much trouble IT is in / causes in organizations today … or as JarJar Binks says, “Wessa in big dodos this time”. ComputerWorld

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Collaboration in Government … David writes about some of the collaboration initiatives in various US governmental agencies. “A quiet transformation is under way within Chicago’s city government. In his first 18 months on the job, CIO Hardik Bhatt has taken major strides to change how the city’s 35,000 employees in 46 departments interact not only with documents, but also each other. Work teams that previously shuffled paper or e-mail attachments between departments now create project-based document repositories using Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration software. The project focus eases access to group presentations, schedules, written comments and project status. One immediate benefit is that employees working with colleagues in other offices communicate more frequently and with less confusion.And he even makes reference to my 7 Pillars reference architecture … cool. Government Technology
  • HP on UC … HP introduced a new services line to help organizations embrace unified communications solutions. “The HP Unified Communications (UC) portfolio brings together voice, fax, email, voicemail, video/data/audio conferencing, collaboration, wireless and mobile technologies to improve the way individuals and groups work together, regardless of where they are located or the devices being used.” HP is working with Microsoft and Cisco. HP. BT has taken similar moves … “BT’s approach to the UCC market is designed to help enterprise customers manage their journeys to a converged environment where collaboration tools can be used to increase efficiency, productivity and competitive position. BT’s UCC services enable organizations’ communications infrastructure, mobility, desktop and applications to work together so that users can take part in almost any form of communication to anyone at any time, by securely linking voice, mobile and data services with desktop.

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Handling Bad News … Pointers from Jason and Jodi on handling bad news. “Golden opportunities may be hidden within the constructive criticisms, negative feedback and complaints. By addressing your critics’ comments and debriefing mistakes openly, your organization will shorten its learning curve to improvement. You’ll be more prepared to take advantage of new and innovative circumstances.ManageSmart
  • 7 Checklist Items for Success … Peter shares 7 strategies for improving effectiveness: (1) be clear on your goals, (2) make a plan to get there, (3) overcome procrastination, and more. InfoMean
  • Complete Stalled Projects … Seven ideas on how to re-ignite forward movement on stalled projects, such as “(6) File each new idea in a computer or paper folder or set up an “idea board” near your desk. As you think of ways to flesh out an idea, add notes to each folder. Give each idea time to mature. Some will fade away on their own; others will ripen into exciting opportunities.InfoMean

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