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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (September 7, 2007)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Three Skills for Client Support … Todd argues for 3 essential skills when deploying new collaboration software: (1) customer service (“From the CEO to the call center employee, you must be able to communicate the value, utility, and instruction on the application. You must be able to juggle 7-10 customers at the same time having each customer think they are the only one in the store.“), (2) design and information architecture, and (3) technology process. Collaborage
  • VT Books … Jessica and Jeff made their books available for free download after September 2001. “No one could go into the office because the offices were gone. One thing we knew for certain was that we here at NetAge had reams of useful information for people who suddenly needed to work at a distance. But how to quickly distribute what we knew without making things more difficult for those trying to cope?Endless Knots

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • EditGrid for iPhone … EditGrid released a version of its online spreadsheet for the Apple iPhone. “With Multi-Touch support, full-fledged RTU and ultra-cool iPhone-style look-and-feel, the EditGrid iPhone Edition beta brings spreadsheets to your pocket and make them native to your iPhone and iPod touch user interface. We believe that the iPhone is taking mobile productivity to the next level, and we are proud to be leading the way in the spreadsheet domain.EditGrid
  • November 1 Session … Todd is presenting a session on Enterprise 2.0 in New York. “Are we, as data professionals, ready for this transformation? Do we understand the impact this technology will have to our value-add equation? Are we ready to move Data Management back into its rightful place at the top of the Information Technology food chain? This session will review these questions and present real world answers based on a Fortune 500 case study. You know of our success in Metadata Management over the past 8 years, now see how we have taken this new technology and transformed it into the business of collaboration.Collaborage
  • SharePoint Update Delayed … “September’s batch of Microsoft security patches was trimmed on Friday, as Microsoft announced that a planned update to its SharePoint collaboration software would not be released this month. The update was to fix an elevation of privilege flaw, which had been rated “important” by Microsoft. This type of flaw can be used to give attackers access to Windows resources that would otherwise be blocked off.ComputerWorld
  • Exchange = Big Pain … Michael Vizard on Microsoft Exchange: “Within the land of IT, nothing is a bigger pain to own, manage and run than Microsoft Exchange. Everywhere you go customers have horror stories about the installation, maintenance and, above all, uptime of their Microsoft Exchange implementations. And worse yet, they will all tell you they are paying top dollar for the privilege because the expertise needed to successfully run a Microsoft Exchange server is some of the most expensive in the IT labor pool.eWeek
  • Central Desktop Numbers … “Central Desktop, the Complete Business Collaboration provider for the mid-market, has reached more than 60,000 users today and expects 800% growth by years end as its approach to Business Collaboration continues rapid adoption in the SMB market. Central Desktop, delivered as a pure-play web-based collaboration platform (SaaS) allows teams of all sizes to work virtually and seamlessly without the IT hassle.BusinessWire
  • WebEx PCNow for iPhone … “WebEx this week launched a new iPhone compatible version of WebEx PCNow, an on-demand remote access service for both desktops and wireless devices. PCNow gives iPhone users the ability to access their desktop PC files, and Microsoft Outlook corporate email, contacts and appointments from their wireless device.” Ironically it’s for Windows only at the moment. CollaborationLoop

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Becoming More Productive … “As business people head back to work after Labor Day, many will sacrifice leisure time and social activities to increase their productivity at the office, according to a TNS NFO study conducted for Office Depot …. While more than half of respondents think they are already productive, a full 48 percent report that they will attempt to further increase their efficiency this fall to deliver year-end business results. Nearly one in three (32.2 percent) recognize that they will need to give up personal interests to achieve their business goals.” Stephanie Winston offers some productivity tips. BusinessWire
  • Cut the Fat … “I’d argue that you could work even less than that and still get more done, if you focused on the most important tasks only, but let’s take it one step at a time: let’s look at the wasted time. Let’s see how we can cut the fat to have only lean, productive working hours” … (1) identify wasted hours, (2) identify your priorities, and (3) redesign your day. WebWorkerDaily

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