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Daily Report for July 30, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Shared Calendar Scenarios … The Notes/Domino team is looking for real-world scenarios of where business users want to share calendar information with others. IBM developerWorks
  • Mozilla Drops Thunderbird … Mozilla announced plans to find a new development home for Thunderbird, its open source email client. Mozilla wants to put increased focus on Firefox. Mozilla is asking for input on what to do with Thunderbird. Computerworld
  • SharePoint Server at $800m … Microsoft reported $800 million in revenues for SharePoint during the last fiscal year. SharePoint Server 2007 adoption is a key driver. CNNMoney
  • Zimbra Desktop 0.5 … Zimbra released the second alpha version of Zimbra Desktop, an offline client for the Zimbra application, adding offline calendaring capabilities to the product which already offers offline email. Available immediately. CNET Blogs
  • IM: Collaboration or Distraction? … IM can be used effectively for collaboration within and between organizations. One accountant said that IM has become a replacement for the “hallway” at the office. Accounting Web


  • 270,000 iPhones in 2 Days … Apple announced that it sold 270,000 iPhones during the debut weekend at the end of June. ComputerWorld
  • iPhone at Work … The iPhone is making steps into business usage, eliminating the need for BlackBerry devices and other smartphones. A number of Web properties are working to optimize their offerings for the iPhone, eg, MacDailyNews
  • Windows Mobile for Telephony? … Jon argues that Windows Mobile-based devices are the “best phone devices” available for his requirements (Exchange Server sync, media player, web browsing, third-party software). Readers chime in with their analysis. PocketPC Thoughts


  • Stay Motivated … Two points of direction from John on how to re-motivate yourself after a burst of enthusiasm or productivity: (1) be prepared for it, and (2) reevaluate your strategy and motivation. “Don’t be surprised by a loss of motivation and don’t be disappointed by it. Understand it as natural effect of the human mind, and utilize this knowledge of self to make your emotions work for you.Pick the Brain (hat tip, Jim)
  • Be Eager for Life … Unmanaged stress will kill your productivity and motivation. When you start to feel anxious, try to understand why, decide what you can and can’t do about it, and then get on with life. “We can’t let the confustion and despair of anxiety take our control along with the rest of the best of us. Far better to keep our clear spaces clear so we can concentrate more on thriving than surviving.ProductivityGoal

Other Stuff

  • Blogging 201 … Counsel on becoming a better blogger, from a pro. Chris Brogan
  • Beyond Office … ComputerWorld reviews Mac and Windows alternatives for an office productivity suite beyond Microsoft Office. “Whatever the reason, it’s good to know that there are alternatives out there — all cheaper than Microsoft’s standard, and a couple that are even free. We sorted through nine contenders, some for Mac and some for PC (and a couple for both), to find out the best non-Office office suites available.ComputerWorld

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