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Daily Report for July 26, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Plug-Ins from … added new plug-ins to permit users to backup and share files directly from OpenOffice, Photoshop, Adobe, and 3ds max. “These plug-ins are part of a greater intent to build a plug-in for every popular application that allows for one. We have started a Box Enabled website (, where we will be featuring those previously mentioned plug-ins as well as new ones from our API developer network which already include a Firefox plug in as well as a mobile Box app.” These are in addition to the plug-in for Microsoft Office. Box
  • Xythos Review … Carlos reviews Version 6.0 of the Xythos enterprise document management system, noting its uses, its compliance with DoD 5015.2 (records management), pricing, workflow capabilities, and more. GCN
  • MindManager + Project Management … Brian looks at how to integrate FastTrack Schedule, a project management tool for Windows and Mac, with MindManager 7, a mind mapping and idea planning tool, for Windows and Mac. “While MIndManager Pro 7 is an excellent tool for brainstorming and communicating ideas it does not have all of the tools to do project management and this is where a program like FastTrack Schedule 9.2 comes in. MindManager Pro 7 is an ideal tool for doing your brainstorming, putting your task lists together and assigning resources, however when you want to look at your project over time then you need a true project management software application. One of the really nice things about using these two applications together is that the work that you initially had done on the project can be exported from MindManager Pro 7 and brought effortlessly into FastTrack Schedule 9.2.AssistiveTek
  • Polycom HDX 4000 … Polycom released the HDX 4000, an executive desktop video conferencing system that integrates with other Polycom room-based and TelePresence systems. “The Polycom HDX 4000 solutions are complete, integrated video conferencing systems elegantly designed to fit on an executive desktop as a personal system, at a small table, or in a small conference room to support up to four people on camera. HDX 4000 systems contain all necessary components including an integrated 20-inch 16:9 display that can double as a PC monitor; a built-in HD camera with pan-tilt-zoom capability; integrated dual HDX microphones, high-fidelity speakers and subwoofers; a powerful, standards-based HDX video conferencing codec; and a stand with an integrated keypad that allows users to dial or answer video calls just like a telephone.” Available 4Q2007. Polycom


  • Only 146,000 iPhones Activated … AT&T disclosed that only 146,000 iPhones were activated in the first two weeks following availability, way short of the estimated 500,000. Apple’s stock price fell 6% on the news. ComputerWorld
  • Kerio Offers iPhone Support … Kerio announced that Version 6.4.1 of the Kerio MailServer adds support for the Apple iPhone, for over-the-air synchronization of email, and for desktop synchronization of calendar and contact data. Available immediately. Kerio


  • How to Have a Productive Week … 10 simple steps for having a productive week every week: (1) plan your week on Sunday evening or early Monday, (2) do a weekly review, (3) choose your focal point(s) for the upcoming week, (4) assign dates and deadlines, (5) cross off tasks that you can’t do this week, (6) do work on your tasks, (7) deal with setbacks, (8) celebrate a little each day, (9) deal with failure, and (10) start over if it’s going bad. LifeLearningToday
  • How Do You Waste Time? … Carolyn advocates that the elimination of five bad thinking habits will lead to more time for productive work. The five: complaining, justifying, blaming, guilt and anger. ProductivityGoal
  • 14 Ways to Procrastinate Productively … John offers 14 ways to procrastinate in a way that leads to greater productivity in the future. Eg, spend time getting organized, investigate and resolve nagging issues, assist others, take a walk, relax, and more. Pick the Brain

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