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Daily Report for July 16, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Groove 2007 with Office 2003 … Although Groove 2007 is available with Office Enterprise 2007, many customers will have to remain on Office 2003 for a while. So it is possible to run Groove 2007 alongside Office 2003, but note there’s a bug that requires resolution via a hotfix. Groove Advisor


  • Basecamp Mobile Client … Carry the Day released TrailGuide, a mobile client for the 37signals Basecamp service that works on Windows Mobile devices. “TrailGuide optimizes Basecamp Messages, To-Do Lists, Milestones and Files more effieciently than a mobile browser, so that customers can see and zero in on the most important things quickly and easily. Switching between multiple projects is easy because the application takes advantage of touch screens, scroll wheels, 5-way controls, back buttons and keyboards for navigation and data entry.” Supports online and offline editing. Way cool! Carry the Day
  • The Laptop is Here to Stay … Devices like the BlackBerry and iPhone aren’t replacements for a laptop, but rather a great complement. Even Mike Lazaridis, president and co-CEO of Research In Motion, BlackBerry’s maker, concurs. “People are leaving behind their laptops more and more, but you can’t beat the giant screen, keyboard, mouse and hard drive [on a laptop],” he says. “We never tried to replace the laptop or the desktop.” CIO


  • Maximize Your Lunch Hour … 15 ideas on how to maximize your lunch hour as a “mini-vacation” during the day, and thus a chance to recharge for the afternoon ahead. (1) put it on your calendar, (7) leave your phone at work, and (12) take the full lunch break are but three of the great ideas. LiveClever
  • Beat Procrastination … Jim offers 9 ways to beat procrastination, and a reader suggests a 10th. Ones that stand out for me are: (1) do the worst task first, (2) break it down, (5) do it for 15 minutes, (7) reward or punish, and (10) set a reasonable timetable. Jim Estill
  • Create a “Done Wall” … Don’t throw away completed action lists … stick them to your “Done Wall”. “Especially amidst heavy, burdensome projects with hundreds of action steps and milestones, it is emotionally invigorating to surround yourself with progress. Why throw away the relics of your achievements when you can create an inspiring monument to getting stuff done? A “Done! Wall” reminds you that you have moved forward in your journey.” What a cool idea. Behance

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