Brad Becomes an IT Manager!!!

Back in the day … in a previous professional life … 1999 I think … I was looking for staff for my growing collaboration software applications development firm. The second person I hired was Bradley Harrison … although he had no background in Lotus Notes, he was a keen learner, had a fantastic attitude … and was just a down right nice guy. I hired him, and we worked together for 8 months or so. In April 2000, for a number of personal and business reasons, I made the decision to close the firm … and thus Bradley went on to new places. He kept going with Lotus Notes, put in the time and effort to do the qualifications (CLP, PLCP I think) … and just kept living out customer-focus, careful attention to detail, bringing a positive attitude to the office, and more.

I’ve just received an email from Brad that he’s about to start a new job … as the IT Manager for a local Christchurch firm … Goughs CAT, the Caterpillar Dealer for New Zealand. I’m just thrilled … way to go Brad! You’ll do great! Goughs CAT have made an outstanding choice.

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