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Daily Report for July 3, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Better Communication: Email, RSS and IM … Three ideas from organizations (Capital One, Union Bank, and Reuters) that have implemented new ways of communicating better: Capital One (write better email subject lines, and craft the message more carefully), Union Bank (shift broadcast emails to RSS), and Reuters (IM is better for some communication negotiations). FAST Company
  • Huddle Updates … Huddle updated its online collaboration offering with a number of new capabilities: (a) a dashboard, (b) a shortcut bar, (c) new filing cabinet tools, and (d) RSS feeds. Huddle
  • Collaboration in Education … released a white paper on enhancing knowledge management, communication and collaboration in the education environment. The white paper outlines some key ideas, and then outlines why it believes it can address those needs with its hosted offering. Newswire Today
  • Traction User Group Meeting 2007 … Traction Software is hosting a 2-day User Group meeting in September 2007 for its customers, partners and friends in Newport RI. Peter O’Kelly from the Burton Group will be speaking about hypertext and compound document models, and there will be customers presenting various case studies. Registration required. Traction (PDF)


  • Skype on Mobile Devices … SHAPE Services released Skype clients for Palm, Symbian S60 and BlackBerry devices. “IM+ for Skype Software for Palm and an improved version for Symbian S60, as well as the new IM+ for BlackBerry. The first, IM+ for Skype Software, opens up opportunities for Skype users on the go and gives them freedom to roam and chat from any location. The users can stay fully mobile 24/7 and communicate with friends, colleagues and relatives while remaining in the familiar Skype ecosystem.Digital 50
  • 15% of US Mobile Workers Want the iPhone … A survey by RDA Global found that 15% of the 50 million mobile workers in the US want an iPhone, in preference to a BlackBerry, Treo or Windows Mobile device. vnunet
  • 500,000 iPhones in a Weekend … One analyst estimated that Apple sold 500,000 iPhones during its debut weekend. TimesOnline
  • iChat for iPhone … Although it is not supported by default (cannabalization of SMS/text revenues perhaps?), David Cann released iChat for iPhone. MacRumors


  • Train Yourself to Productivity … Three productivity training pointers from Jason: (1) chunk your objectives, (2) do things differently, eg, be more attuned to where you spend your focus, and (3) acknowledge your accomplishments. Manage Smarter
  • Break Projects Down … Five reasons to break projects into smaller chunks: (1) catch scope creep earlier, (2) keep morale and motivation up, (3) improve customer perception, (4) provide business value sooner, and (5) generate revenue earlier. Freelance Switch
  • Rules vs. Principles … Jim weighs in on the rules vs. principles idea … “Principles are how we live; rules are technical constructs to be obeyed (or disobeyed). Too often, people try to enshrine principles as rules (update: or is that the other way round?), or worse, suborn principles through ill-conceived, contradictory or just plain dishonest rules.En Avant
  • 7 Steps for Remote Work … When working away from the office, follow seven good practices: (1) know yourself and your work habits, (2) keep a comprehensive to-do list, (3) set up a comfortable workspace, (4) look for small blocks of time for doing work, (5) keep the paper moving, (6) keep in touch with the office, and (7) know and avoid the dangers of procrastination. ConnectITNews
  • 100% of Effort, 100% of the Time … Brian contemplates these questions: “Is it possible to give 100% of your effort, energy and focus to your job, 100% of the time? Is it a good idea? And if it is a good idea, for how long can you reasonably keep up that level of activity?FASTCompany Blogs

Other Stuff

  • Information Overload … Ted outlines three main thoughts on information overload … (1) the history of information overload, (2) the negative impact of information overload, and (3) KM tips and techniques to combat information overload (smarter search engines, better email management, RSS feeds, and more). Slaw

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