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Daily Report for July 2, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Email Maps to How People Work … Matt argues that email is perhaps the “easiest route to group participation“, and that the problem with many enterprise applications today is that they don’t map to how people actually do their work. CNET News
  • Email Reinvigorated … Mark responds to Mike Gotta from the Burton Group on the diminishing role of email going forward, and argues that email will be reinvigorated as a communications tool. “Like radio and cinema, I believe email will shift and adapt in the face of competing collaboration tools to enable it to refocus on its core strengths. Nothing beats email as an asynchronous fire-and-forget communications mechanism. And for one-time ad-hoc collaboration the emerging technologies still have a long way to go.Mark Bower
  • Zoho Apps on FaceBook … Zoho announced an API integration between Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show with Facebook … “You can now create documents, spreadsheets and presentations from Facebook. You can also view and edit all your existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations (both personal and shared) from Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show.Zoho Blogs
  • Eric on Notes … Eric’s been cranky lately, and blasted out three ideas for improving end-user traction with Lotus Notes. Eric Mack


  • Marc’s TTC … Although he publicly declared he wasn’t going to buy the “first generation iPhone” … and he said that in person to Eric and me in Boston not 10 days ago … Marc’s TTC (“time to cave”) is about 15 hours. I’m shocked (not really). Marc Orchant (btw, Jon’s probably going to cave too, and Michael Hyatt)
  • Scoble’s Switching … Scoble was the second person to purchase an iPhone at the Palo Alto Apple store (his son was first, and the one Scoble purchased was for his wife) … but he thinks it is so cool that he’s going to switch from his Nokia N95. “I really am close to saying “screw it” and getting an iPhone anyway. It really is such a superior experience that I can’t justify ANYONE buying a Nokia over an iPhone. Seriously. It’s that divergent of an experience. Walking around I had to reboot my phone once and had some other troubles getting photos uploaded that Patrick didn’t have.Scobleizer #1, #2


  • Clear Agreements … False deadlines for team projects are a bad idea. “Why the push for false deadlines? In some cases, it might be a matter of lighting a fire under chronic slackers who need an incentive to finally take the work of the team seriously. For some managers, setting an overly ambitious deadline may be a way of trying to establish control over the work of the group when other forms of persuasion and influence seem to be falling short. Regardless of the reason, crying “wolf” too many times induces unnecessary stress, erodes trust, introduces unnecessary delays and ultimately—can cost a load of money.IT Today
  • Email Etiqueete 101 … Mike offers 18 suggestions for better email communications and etiquette … (1) understand the difference between “to” and “cc”, (2) keep messages brief and to the point, (3) don’t discuss multiple subjects in a single message, and more. Michael Hyatt (aside, in the comments, both Kyle and I propose the same addition for #19).
  • Speed Up Software Development … Five ways to develop software faster: (1) automate repetitive processes, (2) learn keyboard shortcuts, (3) write tests, (4) learn how to use a shell, and (5) use version control. FreelanceSwitch

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