Conference Notes

The Four Coolest Things of my Week in Boston MA

The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is over, and 6 hours after the last session ending there isn’t a single sign down in the conference area that we were even there. After Eric headed off to the airport for his trip back to California, I walked 5 miles into Boston, had dinner, and then walked 5 miles back to the hotel. While I was out, I reflected on the four coolest non-content things of my week:

  1. Having someone that I didn’t know turn to me and say, “Hey, I read your blog, and like what you write.”
  2. Turning up for the conference VIP Reception and not having to show my business card or give my name. “We know who you are”, said the two people at the door.
  3. During the GEEC dinner on Wednesday, one of the waitresses saw my New Zealand T-shirt and asked if I’d been there before. “Yes”, said I, and left it at that.
  4. Introducing myself to Andrew McAfee and having him say “I like what you write in response to my posts” … and then having a stimulating conversation about our points of difference. More to do on this one.

I head for home tomorrow.

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