On the Show Floor with Tory Gattis from OpenTeams

OpenTeams has re-invented the wiki around the traditional three-paned interface of Outlook or Notes. On the left hand side, there’s a navigator … with things like favorites, colleagues, and a tag cloud. Once something is clicked, then the middle pane shows a list of items. There’s a “what’s new” list, and an “items” list. And then on the right-hand side is the content viewer. There is integrated discussion capabilities, history, tags, and files.

Teams can start with blank slate, and add items, and can order the information into a “briefing outline” (a story). Titles and summaries can be overwritten, and can insert headings to group like information.

There are lots of tools built in … blogs, wikis, files, documents, etc … but the real focus is to unleash the entrepreneurial organization. It can be a space for open innovation to bubble up.

Visit OpenTeams to learn more. There’s a 4 minute video on the web site to learn more.

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