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Daily Report, May 9

Team Collaboration

  • Sametime 7.5 Review … Instant Messaging Planet reviewed Lotus Sametime, the enterprise IM and presence offering from IBM. Talking points: a streamlined user interface, Web conference re-connection on disconnection attempts, a new plug-in interface for developers, a multi-protocol gateway for federation, and multi-client support, among others. “These new additions, along with the well-regarded voice and video chat, enterprise IM capabilities, and intuitive meeting functionality should continually help to further extend Sametime’s reach.Instant Messaging Planet
  • O’Kelly on Content and Collaboration … SearchWinIT interviewed Peter O’Kelly from The Burton Group about Microsoft SharePoint 2007, its fit within organizations, how to decide between SharePoint and an IBM platform, cultural adoption factors, and more. SearchWinIT
  • Tungle Takes $1.5m … Tungle, an emerging cross-organizational calendaring player, announced $1.5 million in venture funding. Tungle
  • Sync Outlook Folders … 4Team released an update of Sync2 for Microsoft Outlook, its synchronization software for keeping Outlook folders on different computers up-to-date without the need of a server. USB drives, shared network folders, and FTP servers can be used. Available immediately, for Outlook 2000-2007. Sync2
  • Windows Live Mail … Microsoft announced that the new Windows Live Mail desktop client will replace Outlook Express on Windows XP machines and Windows Mail on Vista machines. It supports POP, IMAP and Windows Live Hotmail email accounts. ComputerWorld


  • Missing Sync for BlackBerry 1.0.1 … Mark/Space released Version 1.0.1 of Missing Sync for BlackBerry, synchronization software for sync’ing a BlackBerry with an Apple Mac. New features: native French- and German-language editions, a Folder Sync plugin (the BlackBerry requires a microSD card), better Address Book support, and more. Available immediately. Mark/Space
  • Hosted BlackBerry from Elephant Outlook … Elephant Outlok announced the availability of a hosted edition of BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 customers. Elephant Outlook is a Microsoft Exchange Server hosting provider, and already offers Outlook Mobile Access and Windows Mobile device access. prnewsire
  • Jeff on the RIM Conference … Jeff is at the RIM Wireless Enterprise Symposium, and shares his two key takeways from day one of the show: (1) RIM is focusing on moving “beyond email”, and already has a strong story to tell with special applications, and (2) unified communications–primarily integrating the office phone and mobile phone–is a big trend going forward. Jeff Schultz


  • Don’t Use Two Calendars … Susan reminds us of the pitfalls of using multiple calendars (conflicting schedules and forgotten appointments), and recommends the use of different color-coded calendars within a single overall calendar. ProductivityCafe
  • Leo’s List of 10 … Ten ways to do more by focusing on the essentials: (1) clear your head, (2) focus on the essential tasks, (3) eliminate the rest, (4) do essential tasks first, (5) eliminate distractions, (6) use simple tools, (7) do one thing at a time, (8) find quiet, (9) make the most of your work, and (10) simplify some more.

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